asian blogger posing in front of the great wheel

Photo by Jason Tang

Since the start of EFORELISA, I have written over one hundred posts and taken thousands of photos at more than thirty locations. The most challenging part about shooting in Seattle is the rain and cloudy skies. Often times I have to be really creative about finding interesting places to shoot. For me, that’s the fun part me!

The perfect spot is very important for a photoshoot. It sets the scene and helps tell the story. Often it’s the inspiration for all my outfit shoots. I’ve scoured the city and had some of the most awesome shoots in the past (almost) two years. And I love to share them with you. Sharing is caring!



asian blogger posing in front of the great whee

Photo by Jason Tang

asian blogger posing in front of the great whee

Photo by Jason Tang

The Great Wheel

Opened on 2012, it’s one of the newest addition to the Seattle skyline. Located on Elliott Bay, at Pier 57, the rotating gondolas provides amazing views of the city. The landmark with the height of 175 feet, is of the tallest ferris wheels in the west coast. The lines and circular shape of the structure is ultra modern and playful. 

With a sunny clear day, it’s the ultimate back drop. A white contrast with blue skies = PERFECTION! 

elisa in monorail sitting

Photo by Jason Tang

elisa in front of monorail blue shirt and skirt

The Monorail

Another Seattle landmark, this little but mighty train, takes you from Seattle Center to Downtown in less than five minutes. Besides the cool ride, I was most attracted to the pops of color inside of the train. The 1960’s interior upholstery came in two colors, red and blue. I was praying for the red one so it complimented the colors of my outfit.

Before the shot, I studied how long it took the train to arrive and depart. To get a photo inside the train without any passengers, we had to wait for all of them to exit. We literally had two minutes to take this photo. So you can imagine how fast I was posing. Whew!

Read original post here.


Photo by Oleksy Pepino

Elisa pioneer square color story 009

Photo by Oleksy Pepino

Pioneer Square

One of the oldest neighborhoods and the birthplace of Seattle. It’s the only part of town with original architecture from the 1800’s, lined with cobblestone streets, industrial building and little nooks and crannies.

There isn’t really a place in the city that looks quite like this. With so much texture and pockets of secret alleys, you can spend all day there. Each corner is uber #instagrammable. You just need to keep your eyes peeled and know where to find it.

Read original post here and here.

woman sitting on a stool in front of a cafe

Photo by Jason Tang

asian woman blogger sitting on stairs in sumemr dress

Photo by Jason Tang

Chop House Row

Located in the hip neighborhood of Capitol Hill, it’s a refurbished auto row building hosting local tenants from food, beverage and retail shops with alleys and courtyards. This place makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a small street in Brooklyn, NYC.

With so many different corners, I usually take several outfits to shoot. I’ve done a couple of photoshoots here and it never gets old.

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Elisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore rooftop roosevelt sign

Photo by Jason Tang

Elisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore rooftop 2

Photo by Jason Tang

Hotel Theodore Rooftop 

The hotel used to be called The Roosevelt Hotel, but has been renovated this past year and changed the name to Hotel Theodore. The infamous”Roosevelt” (hence the name) sign on the rooftop is only accessible with a “special key”. One of the coolest places I’ve ever done a photoshoot, only because of its exclusivity.

The sign creates cool architectural lines with soft sunsetting lights. Such incredible ambiance to help tell the story of my outfit. Read original post here.

Whether you’re a blogger or visiting Seattle, there are so many #instagrammable places in Seattle. I just listed a few and there are still many, yet to discover. 

While the sun is still out and the weather is still nice, check out these favorite places of mine. Tag me once you’ve find that perfect shot!

Do you have a favorite #instrgrammable spot? Please do share!


Xx, E.


Asian blogger posing in front of Great Wheel

Photo by Jason Tang

asian blogger holding sunglasses

Photo by Jason Tang


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