Elisa in Abacus Row


When it comes to everyday accessories, I wear pieces that are classic, nostalgic, subtle and functional.  It consist of:

  • wedding + engagement rings
  • K for Kinsley pendant necklace from my first mother’s day
  • Rolex watch when I got my first bonus
  • occasionally diamond studs Peter gifted me for our first wedding anniversary.

I cherish each piece of jewelry near and dear to my heart.


Elisa in Abacus Row

Elisa in Abacus Row

Elisa in Abacus Row


When it comes to fashion jewelry, again I gravitate towards minimal pieces, so I can let the outfit do all the talking.

The founder and designer, Christine Trac, of Abacus Row does just that! She creates timeless pieces that compliment my busy lifestyle. Her designs has the right amount of understated details that effortlessly transcends into all my outfits.

Each piece of jewelry, is handmade to perfection using lasting quality and sustainably sourced materials. Delicate glass beads create minimal pattern. The amount of feminine touches are there to make any women feel ever so special.

Well, it did for me!


Elisa in Abacus Row earrings and bracelet

Elisa in Abacus Row


I’m wearing a pair of  Lala earrings in color clay, made with silk cord and 14 K gold-filled materials. It comes in five beautiful colors. One to go with every outfit. So excited to wear these with a simple white dress and just let these girls take the center stage.

The Ra Wrap from the Sahara Collection is designed to be worn as a bracelet and necklace. I love how versatile it is. As a necklace I can create a layer look with other jewelry I already own. And as a bracelet, I wrapped it around a few times around my wrist. I can also put together bangles and wraps to create a stacked look. The options are endless!

Both of these pieces work seamlessly with my current jewelry collection. Begin to build your timeless essentials now by adding them to yours as well. With limited time offer, Abacus Row is extending a 15% off on their site with code ‘E15″. Expires August 31st, 2018.

What are your timeless essentials? Comment below and tell me how special they are to you.


XX, E.


Photos by Mary Lee Johnson

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