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As a creative individual, who needs continuous mounds of inspiration and stimulation, being “stuck” at home really SUCKS! Going out for a run for some fresh air in the neighborhood helps. But it doesn’t feed the creative appetite I crave.

I can be inspired as simple as a conversation with a friend, a visit to a museum exhibit, travel to a new destination or even the food I eat. There’s simply inspiration in every corner. Just not the corners of my home.

We all have to do our part for the good of humanity by being quarantined. However, it gets boring after, right about the 3rd day. I can slowly feel my soul dying inside of me.

Fortunately for us, we live in an age of technology and the reliable internet. There are unlimited resources, we can use to look at some pretty cool stuff, from live stream museums to a movie about fashion.

I came across these few sites that I’ve been using to keep my sanity in some normal level. Sharing them with you today. Perhaps, it’ll make you want to learn, see and be inspired.

Free Classes/Publications

Brit & Co – The media company that help women navigate their creative juices, is offering free classes on their site until 3/31 (Use the code “selfcare” at checkout). I took the class iPad Illustration in Procreate and it was tons of fun learning a new drawing app. For my next class, I’ll be taking Photoshop for Bloggers, to brush up on my skills.

Vogue Italia – Italian Vogue Archive is offering free subscriptions to their magazine archives and Vogue Portfolio for three months. Usually 990 Euros/year, you get to search and print out their entire collection of publications starting from the year 1964. Go to this link. Select “SUBSCRIBE” FULL ARCHIVE SUBSCRIPTION. Fill the in the registration. That’s it. Happy Voguing!


Nylon – A list of 26 Movies, Books & Podcasts To Brush Up On Your Fashion Education. Enough said, this is the holy grail list of ALL lists. I just watched the Maddman: The Steve Madden Story, and was just blown away. So many content I’ve never knew existed and now I have time to splurge.

Harper’s Bazaar – Here are The 34 Most Fashionable Films Ever Made and I have to agree with this incredible list. Some old faves I’ve first read and then watched over twenty times, like Devil’s Wear Prada. Then of course there’s Coco Before Chanel, my most recently love played by Audrey Tautou, the gal from Amelie.

Business Of Fashion Pod Cast – One of my faves to get the real dish on the fashion industry. The content involves interviews from professionals that are “in the know” with a more serious tone. The don’t call it “Business” for nothing…

Pop Fashion – This is my go-to podcast when I just need a good laugh! These gals, Lisa and Kaarin, has the best intentions when it comes to the subject of fashion. They speak with an easy to understand, care-free, no-filter millennial lingo and can has the best curated “fashion crime” news.

Playbill – Been dying to watch that Broadway show you never can get tickets for? Lucky for you, here’s a list of 15 musicals, including my all time favorite Rent.


Museums, Concerts & Zoos – A virtual culture to enjoy by yourself or with the family. Though it would be nice to experience most of these events and venues in person. Given the circumstances, this will do for now.

Famous Museum Virtual Tours – This is for the art history buffs who appreciate staring at a piece of art for hours. Take a tour of The Uffizi to see The Birth of Venice, in the comfort of your own home for FREE. Think of all the money and time you’ll save!

Got some creative resources you’d like to share? Please comment below!

While we’re trying not to go stir crazy in tragic times like this, know that there will be an end soon. So don’t get your panties in a bunch. Relax. Find something creative and fun to do. Stay positive.

Hope you guys are ALL staying safe and healthy.



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