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The classic pieces in my closet are my savior. Whenever I feel like a “I have nothing to wear” moment, I know I can count on them to put together an effortless look. They are brainless go-to items that I don’t have to fuss over, especially those weekday mornings when I’m rushing to prepare Kinsley’s breakfast or putting her hair up for ballet class.

Therefore investing money into the classic pieces are worthwhile, for the following reasons:

  • The timeless silhouettes will not go out of style.
  • Excellent quality and make of the garment will keep its longevity.
  • A versatility in styling.

Today, I wore some of my favorite classic items to show you how easy it was to put my outfit together.



It can’t get any more classic than that. This coat should be a staple in your closet. I remember when studying fashion design in the 90’s, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein would always have the perfect camel coat in their collections. The rich creamy color was in the most incredible shade, which is achievable usually in high quality materials such as cashmere or wool.

I’ve owned this Max & Co. coat since 2006 and it’s lasted this long. It’s my favorite go to piece when I want to put color into my outfit, without being OTT (over the top). The belt and storm flap details were borrowed from a trench coat, another classic style. A bit unexpected, as trench coats are usually made in waterproof materials. The leather knotted buttons are the finishing touches enough to make it special!


Without asking, EVERYONE needs a cashmere turtleneck in their wardrobe, especially a black one. It’s the most versatile piece you can invest good money on. You can layer or wear on its own; over jeans for the weekend or a pleated skirt for work. The options are endless!

I work in the fashion industry designing cashmere sweaters, so you have to assume that I have a lot of them in my closet. Yes, I do! Actually, I’m a few sweaters away from hoarder status. Ask Peter, and he’ll agree. I can’t help that I love what I do. Each piece is super special. The fruit of my labor!

Well, this one in particular means a lot to me. It landed a cover shot on the company’s front page catalogue for Fall 2016 (read all about it here). It was a big achievement for our team. I still get excited talking about it. This was certainly a proud moment.


This pleated skirt is from Zara. I’m most attractive to its shape and have it in different materials: velvet, chiffon, faux leather and satin to be exact. I love how easy it is to wear it back with a tee shirt or sweater. The modern silhouette looks good on any body shape, because the width of the skirt has so much ease.

Base on studying recent Fall runaways, this shape continues to trend, but in new colors, prints and materials. The pleated skirt silhouette is here to stay and is becoming a new classic in my personal collection.


These pointed toe ankle boots are from Celine. I just love the dark hunter green color, creating an almost black shade, making it easy to pair back to any outfit. The blocked heel let’s me go on my day, from work to errands. I’ve had these boots for 3 years and they still looking good! Style is relevant and has tons of miles left. I’ve found some cutes for you, especially the first black pair from Valentino. They look the most similar to the ones I have and it’s on sale!


I love scarves, especially when its big and cozy. This scarf in particular has a pattern that is woven in a larger scale to create a twist in a traditional plaid. It’s made in the finest wool so it’s light and warm. I’m most crazy about the colors that ties in the palette for today’s outfit! Mind you this Club Monaco scarf has been in my closet for 10 years and counting!


Sunglasses are not really necessary in the winter time in Seattle, but I can never say no to a timeless pair made in tortoise pattern. Having them in handy in my bag when the sun decides to peak out, is worthwhile. These babies are new and I’ll have them for a long time. You’ll be seeing me wearing these often, sun or no sun!

What do you guys think of my interpretation of a classic outfit? You’ll definitely see me in this outfit on rinse + repeat. Or even pulled apart with other classics mixed in to create different outfits. Stay tuned!


XO, E.



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Ava (your fabulos niece) March 5, 2018 at 2:38 PM

I love the look!

elisa March 6, 2018 at 9:03 PM

Thanks loveeeee!


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