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Welcome to part two of my Taipei city travel experience!

Whenever I write a travel guide, I always include three different topics. Places to: EAT, PLAY, STAY. I saved the “STAY” portion last for a good reason. It truly deserves a post of its own, since it was one of the best hotel experiences Peter and I ever had.

Part of your vacation “make it or break it”moment is the hotel stay. When Peter and I travel to big cities, we make sure it’s a clean place, with nice comfy beds and basic amenities. To beach vacations, we require a lot more since we spend more time at a resort. Such as ocean view, giant pool with a bar, luxe spa, comfy robes….you know ALL the good stuff.

We’ve been Starwood members for years and with Peter’s work travel, we earned their Platinum Preferred Guest status. Therefore, we instantly wanted to stay at a Starwood property to take advantage of the perks, such as free upgrades, late check outs and complimentary breakfast.

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We had four days and three nights. The location was key to our short vacation. Conveniently there’s a W Taipei in the heart of the city, in Xing Yi District. Score! Everything was at the tip of our fingers: shopping malls, MRT station, Taipei 101, Shilin Market, and National Palace Museum.

If you ever stayed in any W Hotel, they’re ALL really cool. They have a “Whatever Whenever” policy, which allows their guest to basically request anything they want anytime. Like ordering a pack of spear mint gum in the middle of the night. Crazy huh?

When you walk into A W Hotel, you automatically feel your important. It’s like being in a nightclub with the most good looking people there. They’re hospitality and service at their welcome desk made us feel like we’re the most important guest they’ve ever had. I can’t seem to thank them enough for taking such good care of us.

We arrived at the crack of dawn and was still exhausted, while I was still recovering from a chest cold. All I wanted was a warm bed. Unfortunately we couldn’t check in early. However, the front desk allowed us to use their spa facilities to freshen up.

elisa and peter wet bar w taipei

marvelous suite at w taipei

Photo courtesy of W Taipei


After breakfast, we checked in to the Marvelous Suite, which has a king size bed (just what I needed), a living room two bathrooms, a huge TV,  and gorgeous views of downtown. It was plenty of ample space for the two of us. We even invited six our friends over for a “pre-funk” champagne celebration, before dinner.


AWAY SPA: I was in desperate need of a massage with the long flight and my achy body from being sick. The SK signature massage sounded like it was made for me. It helped energize, refuel and revitalize my body using crystal healing techniques. The masseuse had the strongest hands I’ve ever “encountered”. I love hard pressure, but I had to tell her to go easy on me. Nontheless, she did and it was honeymoon from there.

WET : As much as we liked to walk around and explore the city, Peter and I loved our down time. We sat by the pool, caught up with some emails and social media, while we had a nice drink. It was very relaxing even though we were in a bustling city. At night, this place becomes the WET BAR and that’s when the partying begins.

elisa and peter yen bar couch


Photo courtesy of W Taipei


YEN CHINESE RESTAURANT: The only Chinese food restaurant of the W Hotel chain was in W Taipei. If it’s the only one, it must be amazing! So we took the elevator up to the top floor. Once you step out, the floor-to-ceiling windows, provides you the best views (almost as good as Taipei 101). It was breathtaking! The modern decor included lavender cheers, linear fixtures and sleek tables. I definitely need to replicate this for my dining room!

OK! Let’s talk about the food! I have to say it was hands down some of the best Cantonese cuisine I’ve ever had. They served dim sum with traditional dishes for lunch. The shui mai dumpling (right) has a baby abalone on top. That’s the fanciest dumpling I’ve ever had. The soup dumpling  (left) was delicate and flavorful. Everything exceeded our expectations!

elisa and peter yen bar couch


After lunch we had a nice cocktail to unwind. It was a comfy place to catch up on our day and plan where to head next. We had a little booth all to ourselves, with some privacy. The bar served us delicious and colorful libations, while we admire the views. It’s always a fun place to people watch…..I was hoping to spot a celebrity.

We had only a few days and was fortunate enough to check out and review some of W Taipei amenities. Obviously they have much more to offer. Checkout their website for more info.

That’s a wrap! Until next time Taipei…..

Hope you enjoy the travel guide and comment if you have question on where to Eat, Play, Stay!

Xx, E.


All photos by Emily Cheng

*This blog post was not paid by W Hotel. All content and opinions are from my personal experiences.




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Ava( Your fav niece) May 8, 2018 at 4:47 PM

Cute! Did didi and Emily go?

elisa May 10, 2018 at 10:19 AM

Yes they were there too!


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