asian blogger in corset and blue shorts tying belt

asian blogger in corset and blue shorts

asian blogger in corset and blue shorts

Just a few more weeks to enjoy this hot weather we’re having in Seattle. I’m having a bit of summer blues, as it’s almost time to phase out “booty shorts” season. But you guys know me…..I’m going to ride it out as long as I can.



To embrace the hot weather, I’m wearing this tailored menswear inspired outfit. Let’s start with this corset top, which has lacing details with silver grommets, just like the O.G. Fabric is in a soft cotton with a mini yarn dye pinstripe pattern. Very menswear. Very subtle.

It has slight padding on the front panel, so you can wear it without a bra. I can, since I have a smaller chest. Who wants to wear a thick strapless padded underwire bra in the heat of summer. Umm….NO THANKS!

These tailored shorts look like denim, but it’s actually rayon fabric dyed in a chambray color. It feels super soft and comfortable on. I love the details with the tie belt and ruffle trim, softening the tailored menswear look.

This is a “shorter” length short. If you’re not game on showing off some skin, I suggest wearing a length you’re most comfortable with. Remember, as long as you feel good in it, the length doesn’t matter. I’m in my forties, and I’m still rocking it!


asian blogger in corset and blue shorts

asian blogger in corset and blue shorts


To balance the tailored menswear details, I’ve added a high brim fedora hat. It’s one of my favorites to wear all summer, especially the navy/brown combo going back to all of my denim.

I wore the white mules with pin stripe bow to break up the blues. These have been my summer staples and you’ve probably seen me worn it in a few other posts. Got to wear the hell out of them before the colder months come around.

Oh and these sunnies!! They’re 60’s inspired with a cat eye shape and reflective lenses. Adding just enough feminine vibe to complete this look.

Break out the skinny tops and short shorts, you guys! We still got some summer time love around Seattle.

What are some of the pieces you’re rocking out before the season changes?


Xx, E.


Photos by Jason Tang


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