3 women with neon outfits next to black and white wall
3 women with neon outfits
3 women with neon outfits next to black and white wall



The last time neon colors were a trend was in the early 2000’s. And even before that it was the 80’s. Now this will be the third time the trend cycles through my lifetime. Will there be a fourth or fifth? Who knows! But whatever it is, these electrifying colors are giving a jolt of revitalization to the fashion industry and we CAN’T get enough of it!

Currently the STYLELOGUE gang is loving these high-lighter colors, that’s been plastered allover the Spring runways and street-styles. In which shockingly, brings us to the MAY ISSUE – ULTRA BRIGHTS.

This time around, the brights come in all neon shades of zesty lime, lemon, orange with fuschia and turquoise coming into play. These colors are incorporated into dressier silhouettes, along with athletic inspired pieces (see above photos from Spring runway). Seems like wearing them head-to-toe is the new interpretation and giving life to this trend again.

With ultra brights flying high on this Summer’s closet must-haves, Cortney, Mary and I were excited to find pieces that were suitable to our styles. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone by trying new things and it’s quite obvious we did just that!

asian women in neon plaid dress
neon plaid dress and yellow shoes
asian women in neon plaid dress


When we decided on neon colors for the trend, I got a little too excited. Looking for the pieces was a bit difficult, since it’s a new trend from the runway. Many brands have not address the trend. However Zara, the trusty retailer, who churns runway trends like an automated machine, did not disappoint.

Ultimately I found this stunning neon green/orange plaid dress from Zara, a limited edition piece. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it on their site. It had everything I was looking for: the flattering a-line silhouette, ultra brights and the best yet, it’s adorned with sequins allover. I mean like, “hello lover!!!” It was an immediate emotional attachment and I knew I had to have it.

The dress is over-the-top and screaming for attention. And that was exactly what I was looking for. I normally wouldn’t wear something this bright and sparkly, but hey sometimes you need to live a little, especially reliving this trend for the third time!

I shorten the dress 4″ for an ankle length, as I’m 5′ 4.5″ and the model wearing it was 5′ 10″. Although wearing 4″ heels did help give me a little more height. The weight of the garment doesn’t feel as heavy as it looks. I was able to float around in it easily.

The accessories were kept to a minimal and I purposely did not wear any jewelry, with the exception of carrying a Staud pvc tote . The dress was the show case this time around and I think I did its justice.



3 women with neon outfits and bags
3 women with neon outfits next to black and white wall
3 women with neon outfits walking in street
3 women with neon outfits


Cortney is not the one to wear a ton of colors. When she showed it up in head-to-toe hot pink I was shocked, in a good way that is. It was the most color I’ve ever seen her wear. I love how we get to influence each other, when it comes to trying new trends, we normally wouldn’t. She paired the sweatshirt with a printed skirt to give the colors some breathing room, especially worn back with off-white color sandals. The playful handbag was a nice touch to this cute momma-to-be’s personality.


Find out more on Cortney’s outfit here.


Mary the sporty spice who chose not to address one, but two trends. She puts on the the most hottest orange blazer you can find and wears it with another summer must-have, biker shorts. Layering underneath the blazer is a black tank to keep the focus on the blazer with some neutral accessories. This look is so hot right now and I can’t imagine anyone pulling this off, then Mary herself. Kudos!

Find out more on Mary’s outfit here.


3 women with neon outfits

We’re so game for this trend that we will be restyling and wearing it for the 4th Annual Style Summit hosted by Gossip & Glamour on May 14th. The three of us will be hosting the networking hour, along with an Instagram stories takeover. If you’re going, show up in an ULTRA BRIGHTS outfit to be featured!

We will be sharing restyling videos of this trend also on our Instagram accounts.


MaryCortneyMe and #seattlestylelogue

XX, E.

Photography by Jason Tang

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