women having a picnic
women in romantic florals

Welcome to the July issue with a new trend, ROMANTIC FLORALS!

As we head into full swing of the summer season, one that we don’t quite recognize compared to previous years, the STYLELOGUE ladies and I take you on an escape, from reality to a world of ROMANTIC FLORALS.

woman sitting on picnic blanket
women sitting on bench
women lying on grass


Imagine the summer breeze blowing in your hair, as you prance around barefoot in the garden with your friends, sharing a picnic and laughters all around. The chirping birds echoes through as music to the ears.

Flowers are in bloom, while bees buzz and pollinate the next annuals. The luscious green leaves and grassy fields are alive and healthy. All signs of life.

With the world at peace and not one worry in your soul.

Everything is still and perfect.

women standing in front of greens


Lush greeneries and petite pedals, sets the perfect back drop for flowy ruffle dresses. All while romantic florals blossom and display as work of art, such as Impressionist artist Claude Monet’s The Artist’s Garden at Giverny 1900 ,with use of brilliant colors and rich brushstrokes.

women in romantic florals
women in romantic florals
women in romantic florals

As the straw hats strays us from the sun, the intricate weaves creates the bountiful shapes.

From gold accents to neutral color accessories, these are the summer finishing touches to that perfect garden attire.

woman in romantic florals
women in romantic florals





This was the first time we’ve shot since pre COVID-19. As you can see when all of us collaborate together in one place, the magic we make is quite incredible. We missed working with each other, as you probably can tell. Taking photos without the crew just didn’t feel right. Also if you noticed, we also flew a drone to take an aerial shot, of us lying on green pastures. Just thought we tried something new.

Note: I will be posting a quick video on how to restyle my dress for Fall + Winter seasons.

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XX, E.

Photography by Jason Tang

women in romantic florals

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