People tend to reflect on their lives twice a year. Once on new year’s day and another on their birthday. Well guess what? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! It’s a good way to have a checkpoint in this road we call “life”. To make sure everything is going the way we intended.

As I turn another year older, I come to think about many things currently happening in my life. Recently it’s been about self-care. Self-care is a broad term and can mean a lot of different things to many people. My definition of self care means how to care for my mind, body, soul and heart.

Elisa Self Care lying in white bed



My mind can be cloudy, between all the things happening in my life. I thrive on staying busy, because I don’t like being bored. A Gemini trait. I don’t like to sit around and waste time. Time is money. I don’t like to waste money. So I’m constantly moving. However, sometimes I forget to pause and breathe….., leaving me overwhelmed.

Me Time: As much as I love being around people and thrive on their energy, I need to have some “E” time, once in awhile. Which means I take time off from the “world” to be alone. No work, no family, no friends. NADA! Whether it’s to organize at home, go for a walk, shop, run an errand or take a nap, I instantly feel way better by the end of the day.

Vaca: Being a creative thinker, I’m always searching for inspiration. Even though it’s gotten better in the last few years, there isn’t much in Seattle. Hence, that’s why I travel so often. To take my mind off the “responsibilities” from home and enjoy a new place. To take it all in and be out of my comfort zone. I am a brand new person when I return from a trip. Rejuvenated and ready to kick ass. You guys should try it.

Blogging: My outlet, my diary. It’s my way to download my thoughts and ideas, in hopes to inspire you. You may not agree on the content I write, and have a choice to follow me or not. It doesn’t matter. At end of the day, it’s a platform that allows me the space to creatively speak my mind.



Workout: A good sweat makes me feel like I’ve detoxed my body from all impurities. Ok that’s a bit exaggerated. However, I love how my body feels when I accomplish a 3 mile run or indoor bike class at Flywheel. It’s another way to get some “E” time.

Pamper Me: When I look good, I feel good. It can just be a mani/pedi (usually better with a girlfriend), a facial or even a  fresh cut. Makes me feel like a new person, squeaky and clean. Who doesn’t like to get pampered?



Family: As far as they are away from me, a dose of family whether it’s on face-time, a phone call, or a visit always make my heart full. Sucks that I don’t get to see them all the time. But every time I want to hear their voices, they always pick up the phone.  “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”…. however, sometimes I rather be home.

Curate Good People: Other than my family, I surround myself with an amazing small but mighty group of people (you know who you are). These peeps I might not see or hear from everyday, but they are there anytime I need them.

I used to think having more friends makes me important. Then as I get wiser, I realize quality over quantity. I began to weed out the people that didn’t do me any good. Negative comments, shady and just don’t deserve my time. Mama don’t got time for nonsense. My life is too busy. My small tribe are people that believe in me, gives good vibes and free of judgment.



A Dance Party: I love going out for a night of dancing with good music. Seattle is definitely has one of the best music scenes and house DJ’s coming up to play. What I am really waiting for is the grand finale, Burning Man! It’s happening in August and I’m so excited! Talk about feeding the soul? You can read about my last experience on this post.

What is your self care? Do share!

Xx, E.

Photos by Emily Cheng

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Anne McCarthy May 26, 2018 at 12:51 PM

Another awesome post by Elisa!! I love her writing style and how it feels like just a conversation with a friend. Fabulous photos (as always) and top notch fashion/style (as always), and excellent self-care tips! I love that she included “heart” <3 in her definition of self-care: "My definition of self care means how to care for my mind, body, soul and heart." (And LOL: "Mama don’t got time for nonsense." Love.)

elisa May 30, 2018 at 9:52 PM

THANKS Anne! My love! Love all of your support. Means so much from a world class writer such as yourself.

Samara June 8, 2018 at 11:12 AM

Happy belated birthday! I too have found that as I get older, it gets easier for me to cut people out of my life when they aren’t good for me. I know my tribe has my back, and if you aren’t up to snuff? Bye Felicia!

elisa June 11, 2018 at 9:27 PM

Thanks Samara! Yes bye Felicia!!! Stop with the B.S.!


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