asian woman in pioneer square alley with one shoulder top


Celebrating my second BLOGGIVERSARY this week and I’m so excited to share my experience of my last two years with you! 

What started out as a creative experiment, became a hobby and now a part of my daily routine. Not in a million years, have I ever thought of making it this far. After 155 posts and endless photoshoots, I can’t imagine life without EFORELISA.

Once, I actually made a mistake deleting my website (not very clever of me). Devastation was far from what I felt. My heart dropped and utterly felt like the last year of my life has disappeared before my eyes. Very quickly I learned that I needed to back up my site. And most importantly, I realized how much the blog meant to me.

OK! Let’s relive a little of the last two years.


asian woman in pioneer square alley with one shoulder top


Six months before I turned forty, I started EFORELISA. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to building a website. Ask anyone that knows me well and they’ll tell you that I am not the most tech-y person. It was beyond overwhelming. Whenever I feel something is bigger than all of me, I shut down.

Then I was blessed by an angel, my friend Sarah, who encouraged me. She gave me all the wishful stars and waved her magical wand. BAM! A week later, my website was LIVE! Read the story here.

My other savior is my photographer/friend, Jason. He’s been taking my photos since the beginning and still does today. Read the post I wrote about him here.

To sum up the first year, I knew how to upload a blog post and basic knowledge of website building. That’s about it. There was still so much to learn.


asian woman in pioneer square alley with one shoulder top

asian woman in pioneer square alley with one shoulder top


This has been a year that opened many doors for me, from networking, connecting and collaborating. It started out at a DVF influencer Event in Bellevue Square. It was the first blogger event I attended. I didn’t know what to expect and who will all be there. That evening I met many bloggers, those who I already follow and some that were brand new to the blog world, just like me. For the first time, I didn’t feel alone. 

With all those awesome ladies, I still remain friends with them today. They taught and guided me through the learnings of blogging. I felt so blessed to have met them. To name a few, Cortney – The Grey Edit, Kelsey – Northwest Best Dressed, Mckenna Style Her Lovely. Follow them if you haven’t already. They’re amazing.

After the DVF event, the Pandora box opened up and all these magical things began to happen. I was starting to get more traction with local followers, bloggers and brands. There were many collaborations with hotels, fashion brands, photographers, which I had to hustle and pitch ideas to. It was all exciting and my creative juices were thriving. I felt SO ALIVE. Like something I did matter. 


A Few Highlights:

Events with Cartier traveling Precious Garage pop up & Neiman Marcus Fashion Show: Both major fashion events I was proud to be invited to and super excited to attend. I got to dress up pretty, meeting the who’s who in the industry and saw some cool stuff. 

Fashion Panelist for Style Summit: First time speaking as a fashion panelist, I was a nervous wreck. Once the nerves calmed down, I had tons of fun meeting bloggers and guests at the event. It was the highlight of my fashion career.

Jarbo x Hotel Theodore Collaboration: One of my first collaborations with a clothing brand and a hotel in Seattle. I learned how to negotiate and coordinate the photoshoot. I continued to maintain good relationships with these companies and worked on another project together.

Portland Road Trip in Collaboration with Hotel Dossier: I coordinated the trip with three other local bloggers to visit Portland. We were able to work with Jarbo again and help promote Hotel Dossier, with additional bloggers.

Emry Boutique Styling Event: Got another blogger to join me on styling our friends/family at the event. We had an amazing time talking about fashion, styling outfits and catching up with everyone.

Match Outfit To Person | Line Up with Cut: This was one of my first video appearances as a fashion blogger. I saw the opportunity to be part of a well established YouTube Channel, with over 6 million subscribers. I jumped at any chance to be on “TV”.


asian woman in pioneer square alley with one shoulder top

I’m looking forward to the next year with creating a solid Seattle blogging community. Meanwhile, refocusing on my brand and learning how to balance my life with blog and family. Oh, and of course connecting with you peeps on interesting original material.

All the support from you of the last two years have kept me writing and coming up with creative content. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for coming on board and continuing on this ride with me.

I love hearing from all of you. So do say “hi”! 

Xx, E.


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Kelsey October 17, 2018 at 6:16 PM

Congrats E on two years! I love reading your blog posts and going to events with you. I remember the DVF event like it was yesterday and chatting with you, Cort, and McKenna. Love all you girls! This is why we do this and it’s so rewarding to meet and spend time with all you like minded fashion addicts! Please keep doing what you are doing ..your posts and photos are beyond gorgeous. What a great team of peeps you have behind you supporting of your endeavors. Cheers to what’s ahead! Can’t wait to continue this blogging adventure with you my friend. XO Kelsey

elisa October 20, 2018 at 12:07 AM

Love you sweet friend! Thanks for always being on the E team and cheering for me! I hear you loud and clear…keke. Can’t wait for our next event!


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