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It’s officially June! The countdown of summer weekends (fourteen to be exact) starts now.

In Seattle, the summer months are golden. These are precious stretch of glorious sunny days with dry heat and happy people buzzing around town. We’re all smiling and out to play! 

For that reason, I never travel during this time of year. Every minute of the sun, is savored and spent on the beach, visits to the parks, road trips and outdoor activities. I soak it ALL in. This is the extreme outcome when you live in wet dreary weather for nine months.

I’m not trying to talk smack about Seattle. Come on, the rain is why this city is so beautiful and lusciously green. Although come March, it becomes a desperation for sunshine and heat. Seattleites know what I’m talking about!

Whether you’re visiting or live in Seattle, make most of your summer by doing something fun. 

elisa in essentially seattle Elisa sitting in front of mopop wearing gingham dresselisa standing in front of monorail


Space Needle: The iconic landmark of Seattle, is getting a facelift. It’s a tourist trap for most people. But who doesn’t want to go up to see how they’ve newly renovated. Skyrisers, the observatory level, currently installed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows for better viewing pleasure. It’s currently open to the public. However, you’ll have to wait throughout the summer for the rotating restaurant and wine bar to open.

Monorail:  The funnest way to get to the Space Needle is to take this $35Mil installation, that transported World’s Fair attendants back and forth to downtown. It’s a quick 5 minute ride on the sky train.  A perfect way to catch a glimpse of the city high rises through the train’s large glass windows.

Museum of Pop Culture (MOPOP):  The modern architectural building alone is worth visiting (see photos). Currently hosting the Marvel Universe of Super Heroes exhibit, is super fun for kids of all ages (especially the big ones). Comic fans get to see all the Super Heroe characters Marvel has ever created throughout their history. Exhibition opens until January, 6, 2019.

Gum Wall: The best combination of fun, gross and instagrammable. This wall full of used gum stuck on a brick alley, has been busy with tourists leaving a bit of their saliva behind. It’s a wacky place to be but worth the visit. There’s no where like this place.

Chihuly Garden & Glass: Infamous local artist, Dale Chihuly,  known for his glass work all over the world. His pieces are easily recognizable, with mostly using bright colors and organic shapes. See how he tells his artistic story through his eyes, and visit the long-term exhibition. I went for the time and it blew my mind. Especially the garden portion shown at night, when everything comes to life. Worth it! Don’t forget to download the free pics they take of you.

Pike Place Market: This is one of the most touristy places to visit and it’s the last place you want to be in. But it’s like saying you’re going to NYC and not visiting Times Square. Pike Place hosts everything about the city in one place, being the community, local farmers, craftsman, artists and eateries. It’s a must visit! At least get a photo of the signage.

elisa in seattle center in front of souvenir coinElisa in front of MOPOP in gingham dressElisa in Seattle Center Gingham Dress


Summer Farmer’s Market: I love walking through farmer’s markets and buying the most freshest organic produce from nearby farmers. Seattle has a strong community and loves to support local businesses. Therefore there are tons of markets throughout the city. You’ll be surprise what goodies you’ll find. 

Green Lake: Tons of locals come to this park to enjoy nature,  jogs/walks around the lake, people watch, playgrounds and much more. There’s something for everyone in the family. Oh and Seattle is huge on stand-up paddling and many other water activities. You can reserve them here

Alki Beach: A rocky beach located in West Seattle, with the best views of downtown. Hands down! You can also rent specialty bikes, to ride along the small coast. It’s fun for the entire family! When you get tired of biking, go check out some local eats along the way.

South Lake Union: I love SLU when it comes to outdoor activities. Just go on the weekend so you can mind the Amazonians herding to work.  There’s tons of water sports, such as kayaking and SUP (stand up paddling). You can even rent a hot tub boat with a glass of wine and ride around the lake for some sightseeing. Don’t forget to ride the S.L.U.T. (Don’t get fresh. It stands for South Lake Union Trolley) back to downtown!

Mariner’s or Sounders’ game: I’m more of a Seahawks fan. But when it comes to the summer, whether you love the game of baseball or soccer, it’s considered the best past time to enjoy a drink and a burger with some friends. Feeling the energy in the stadium and cheering (or not) for your team.

Be careful when you come visit Seattle’s summer. You’ll fall in love with the city instantly and want to move here. But don’t let it fool you. It took me more than a year to really appreciate what it had to offer and getting used to the grey.

I’ll always be a New Yorker. For now, this is home for me and I’m very proud of Seattle.

Come visit!

Xx, E.

Photos by Jason Tang


elisa standing in front of monorail



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Samara June 8, 2018 at 10:02 AM

Oh the gum wall… For as gross as I know it is, I still go out of my way to see it every time I visit Seattle. It sucks me in (so to speak)!

elisa June 11, 2018 at 9:25 PM

I know right! It’s one of those things you can’t miss!


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