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When I think of romantic hues, the colors of pinks and reds come to mind. However, I’ve never thought of wearing them all together. Now that I’ve tried it, it’s my favorite color combo and you won’t see the end of it!
In this outfit, I have three different shades of pink and three shades of red (including my lipstick).  Starting from the top, I purchased this blush pink coat on my last trip to Paris. It’s currently sold out, but you can find similar look below. I fell in love with this coat when I first laid eyes on it. The color is just the perfect shade of pink that pops any outfit without being too loud. But soft enough that it might as well be a neutral color.
The pant I paired the coat is in the fiercest red I’ve ever met in my life. I love how bold it makes the outfit look. You’ll probably get spotted miles away, but who wouldn’t like to be noticed once in awhile. Am I right? The pant fit like a trouser and has a slight boot leg to give it some shape. It’s made in a wool crepe that gives a subtle texture to this solid outfit.
I wore a light pastel pink turtleneck sweater underneath to keep it simple since the coat and pant were in louder colors.
The material is in a soft cashmere. It’s light in weight and serves enough warmth worn along with the coat. Everyone needs cashmere turtlenecks. They’re the best when it comes to layering under everything!
The Céline booties I’ve restyled on this post, plays an important part to this look. It grounds all the pieces, because it’s the darkest part of the outfit. It intentional to start from lightest on top to the darkest on the bottom. It keeps the admirer’s eyes moving from up and down, creating a complimenting visual. It’s subtle and these styling tricks do help keep a peeling eye, doesn’t it?
Get in your closet and find what you have in these colors to try for yourself. Even these romantic hues could work perfectly for that special Valentine’s Day date. Don’t forget to leave me comments below. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

XO, E.


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