Elisa Rancho V Desert Door Anywhere

Elisa Rancho V Desert

Elisa Rancho V Road

Elisa Rancho V Air Stream Pioneer Town

As a creative, I am always in search for inspiration. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere: in the middle of a shower or a 3 mile run. Anywhere and anything can spark an idea. And when the idea comes to  mind, I have an out of body experience. Literally! So you probably can imagine what my energy level was like when I visited Rancho V.

Elisa Rancho V Casita Deck

Elisa Rancho V Air Stream Sitting on Deck Chair

rancho v aerial view


Last month, we were guests at Rancho V, a private (though not exclusive) space for creatives of all kinds. From musicians, photographers, actors and models, every inch of this 150-acre estate in Pioneer Town, CA is full of artistic stimulation.

The captivating 360 view of nature surrounding the space, with nothing else around, generates a chill vibe and a chance to explore. An escape to leave “it” all behind to create.

Walking around the landscape, through pointy aloe plants and climbing tall rocks, there were surprises of multiple art installations every corner you turn.

Elisa Rancho V Desert View

Elisa Rancho V Desert Mirror

Elisa Rancho V Pioneer Town Door


A perfect example is the Door, installed in the middle of nowhere. It can be seen from anywhere on the ranch. Other than it being the most “instagrammable” door and taking a million photos, I interpreted this piece, as a door that

“leads you to anywhere you want to go with endless possibilities”.

Other than the art, airstreams and guest houses let’s you stay awhile and enjoy the time spent roaming around the acres. A helicopter hanger, equipped with instruments to jam it out with a state-of the-art recording studio provided by Skyline Studios. Adjacent to the studio is a high end bar for entertaining large parties or to unwind.

These are all the additional amenities part of Rancho V. An artistic space I’ve never experienced before.  It’s a desirable place for anyone to visit. Basically a paradise in the middle of  a desert.

We were lucky to stay for one evening, and spent wee hours gazing at millions of stars in the night sky.

(There’s an interesting story about a monkey piñata. Ask privately!)

Xx, E.


*For more information about visiting or renting inquire here.


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