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Ever since I ran the NYC marathon in November, I’ve been slacking off with my workouts. The staying fit part of my life, hasn’t been on top of my to-do list for many reasons:

  • Coming off from 7 months of marathon training, I needed a break.
  • The weather in Seattle has been very cold and wet during the winter. (Isn’t it always!?)
  • No motivation.

For me to do any continuous cardio workout, I need to set a goal. To challenge myself physically and mentally. To capture that amazing feeling of accomplishment with a reward of a stronger body and mind! Hence, the NYC marathon! (Here’s the post).


This summer I plan on participating my second sprint distance triathlon in Seattle. The first time I raced a sprint triathlon was five years ago, after Kinsley was born. I had gain some weight from the pregnancy and was desperately in need of something “extreme” to shed off the last fifteen pounds.

Although, there were  challenges ahead of me. I didn’t know how to swim, bike nor run efficiently.

  • Swim: I grew up in NYC and there weren’t many places for me to swim. My parents didn’t think it was important for me to learn. So I never did. I can swim across the pool fine but not long distance. I still can’t tread water!
  • Bike: Didn’t learn until I was 30 years old. It was too dangerous to bike in NYC with all the crazy drivers. Even then I sucked at it. I still can’t ride uphill well or with one hand on the handle.
  • Run: I had a heart condition when I was a teenager. The cardiologist said I couldn’t do strenuous exercises. So I never ran long distance. Boy was he wrong! So glad I didn’t listen to him.

Well I had to learn all those sports five years ago. I barely got through my race with a crappy 2 hours and 30 minutes finishing time. The scariest part was the open water swim. My fear of mill foils and murky water still freaks me out, even with a wetsuit!

On this year’s race, I hope to finish under 2 hours and you can hold me to it. The race is in July and training starts in the next few weeks! I can’t wait to workout again. So wish me luck!





Photos by Marylee Johnson

runner stretch on benchrunner walking on lake


This is my first time wearing anything from Brooks. Infamously known for their running culture, I was excited to try their running shoes and apparel. All their products are thoughtfully engineered and designed with the runner in mind. Here’s my review of their workout gear.

Canopy Jacket: Made in the lightest weight water/wind-resistant fabric. It’s perfect for the PNW weather. The hood is stowable and the entire jacket is packable with a carry strap. Most importantly, I love that it has retroreflective trims for runner’s protection.

Hot Shot Low-Impact Sports Bra: They have the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worked out in. The straps are made of a soft stretchy trim that doesn’t give you chafing and the cross layer design is super sleek. Made in their trademark Drilayer fabric, it is soft and repels sweat to create comfort in high performance activities. Best part yet, it comes with removable cups for shape and modesty.

Stealth Tank: This the perfect performance tank to layer over a sports bra. The material is made in their lightweight Drilayer fabric, making it durable and moisture wicking. Did I mention the seams are chafe-free!

Greenlight Tight: The Drilayer Horse Power fabric this pant is made in has a moisture-management. An ikat jacquard pattern is knitted into the fabric to give any legging novelty and fashion.

Glycerin Midweight Socks: This pair is made in Drilayer yarn for quick-wicking. It has an arch compression and underfoot cushioning for maximum comfort. The achilles tab prevents them from slipping, which as a runner, is the most annoying thing ever!

Run Happy Sherpa Visor: I hate running with sunglasses when it’s sunny outside, because they always slip from my sweaty nose. So I rely on a brimmed cap or visor to keep the sun out. This adjustable back visor is perfect for my needs and also has a cute embroidered #runhappy. Brooks’ motto!

PureFlow 7 Running Shoes: Last but not least, the running shoes. It’s ultra-light weight and springy. I need to give it more time to try it out on longer runs. However I totally will use it for any core training and weight lifting.

All workout gear provided by Brooks to keep me #runhappy!



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Ava (your fabulos niece) March 28, 2018 at 4:34 PM

Good Luck for your Run!!!! GOOOO AHYEEE GOOOO!!!!!lol love ya

elisa April 5, 2018 at 3:13 PM

Thanks sweetie! You’re always my biggest fan….


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