Elisa in self portrait dress hotel theodoreElisa in self portrait ruffle dress hotel theodore


The very first time I laid eyes on a Self-Portrait dress, I was strolling through Nordstrom during my lunch break. I was browsing the designer floor and saw a white ruffle flouncy dress that caught my eye. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It spoke romance and beauty entirely.

The dress was made in the prettiest intricate lace pattern that only french embroiderers can recreate. Each detail from the hem finish to the seam lines were impeccable, like a perfect fairytale. The fitted darts were created to mold the dress onto your body. Everything about it was perfection, like a piece of art. Basically, it moved me.  You guys ever get that feeling when you’ve invested emotionally onto something. Like you imagine yourself wearing this dress to a party or a special date night.

At that time I didn’t find the courage enough to purchase nor did I have a purpose for it in my closet, other than it’s a beauty. Then came one day, I finally found a Self-Portrait dress I couldn’t refuse. The one that said “Elisa please take me home!”. Well then I listened and tried the dress on. I immediately fell in love, like it was made just to fit me. It was like that time the fairy godmother turned Cinderrella into her ball gown, except my FGM was the sales person, Kate (not her real name).

This Self-Portrait piece is made in a floral velvet burnout chiffon fabric, delicate yet feminine. The right sleeve is sheer enough to see my bare arm, but the rest of the garment is lined with organza to give this soft fabric structure, note the ruffles. Without the organza, the ruffles would not be able to flounce so effortlessly around my shoulders. Gorgeous!

The black metal grommets on the left side allows adjustable gross grain ribbon lacing, to let you style it your own. The ribbon can be switched to other kinds to create a different look. Oh and if  I eat too much  at dinner, it allows me to let “loose” a little bit.

I can get a lot of legs from the proportions of the dress, because the length hits right at my thighs. The ruffles on the hem keeps the silhouette flirty and plenty of movement. At every angle this dress keeps the observer’s (my husband) eyes moving, as there are so many interesting details. It’s such a masterpiece.

Don’t even get me started on the color? It’s in a rich turquoise blue with little black accents all over. I’ve matched simple blue accessories to accent the intricate dress. The sandals are from Celine and is made in calf hair and suede along with gold buckles. These three inch heels were easy to move around or go dancing in.

I’ve finished the outfit with a YSL snakeskin bag, the perfect size for my phone and lipstick. It also has a card slots for my I.D. and credit cards, to stay organize. The straps are removable to interchange into a clutch, for an evening look.

The only jewelry I wore were these earrings from Ming Yu Wang, I’ve been dying over and restyle here.  They have a modern look with two cubes in black and gold. It’s simple and bold at the same time.

Elisa in self portrait blue dress hotel theodoreElisa in self portrait blue dress hotel theodoreElisa in self portrait ruffle blue dress hotel theodore

When it comes to fashion, I’m always on a prowl for new labels and Self-Portrait wouldn’t go unnoticed. I’ve dreamt about owning a pretty dress that makes me feel like a princess (other than my wedding dress). This brand is definitely a place to find that special occasion piece. In recent fashion shows, they’ve added ready-to-wear to their collections. Keep your eyes peel, Self-Portrait a young brand of four years, is definitely a brand to look out for.

Have you ever tried on a Self-Portrait dress? If so, leave comments below and tell me all about it.


XO, E.


Photos by Jason Tang




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Ava(your favorite niece) February 22, 2018 at 4:29 PM

I love the dress on you! It’s so pretty on you!


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