Morpheus8 Treatment and Results at The Clinic Medspa

As I turned 40 years old, I’ve noticed the skin on my face is starting to age. I mean there were always dark circles and wrinkles here and there. But those didn’t bother me as much. Until recently for the past year, I’ve noticed slight drag lines around my chin. The skin around my face starting to droop and shadow lines around my neck.

I quickly realized I had to start taking care of my aging skin. So I turned to The Clinic Medspa for a free consultation, hoping they can preserve whatever is left of my youth.

Mina So, from The Clinic Medspa, shared her knowledge and made suggestions on how to improve the quality of my skin. We talked about botox and fillers, which I’m not a big fan of, because I’ve seen how “unnatural” it looks and I didn’t want to start that journey.


Then Mina mentions about microneedling treatment as an option that has results of a more “natural look” called the Morpheus8, a device that combines radio frequency energy with microneedling to trigger a healing cascade that stimulates new collagen and elastin production.  It is an optimal treatment for someone looking to remodel and contour the face without going under the knife.  I was excited to get maximum results without surgery!


The device uses minimal invasive technology, designed to coagulate adipose tissue and contract the dermis surrounding connective tissue to remodel collagen. Hence, making the skin tighter. The radio frequency energy goes 1mm deeper than the depth of the needles. It penetrates deep into the skin and fat under the skin leaving the surface layers (epidermis) on the skin unharmed.  The heat is distributed uniformly with little to no thermal damage to the dermis.  Safe to use on all skin color as the energy is color blind.   


Treatment begins with a topical numbing applied for 30- 45 minutes, distraction methods to make the treatment manageable.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes for the face and neck. 

I’m not going to lie. My skin felt raw on the first day. To relieve it, I used cooling methods and post treatment products provided by the spa. I have to wait three to five days to let the skin heal, before I can do anything active.  Although within 48 hours, I started to look and feel like myself again.

For optimal results, a series of three treatments is recommended. I have one more treatment to go and I can’t wait to see the final results. Then maintenance is suggested once a year.  I can start seeing results four to six weeks after and it continues to improve for 3 months after each treatment.  


The photos on the left are before the Morpheus8 treatment and the right are the results. After the first go round, you can tell my cheeks and chin area is lifted. The drag marks are less obvious and my overall skin looks plumped, like when I was 35 years old. Instantly I look younger, therefore I feel younger.

As human beings, we are always our worst critic. So when I get to stare at the mirror now, I won’t have to be so hard on myself. Aging is a beautiful and natural process….although at times you need a little enhancement to make it more enjoyable!

Have you had microneedling done? If so, drop some comments. Love to hear about your experience.

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xx, E.

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