asian women in blue lace dress around NYC

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC

There are obvious differences between east coast vs. west coast fashion. I know this because I’ve lived in both sides of the country for many years. No doubt I will always be a true New Yorker at heart, even though I’m physically here in Seattle. But I can’t help the way I dress has been compromised.



Seattle. The dress code is casual, laid back and chill. Lots of functional, not very fashionable, water resistant clothing you’ll spot just standing on the corner of Pine Street & Sixth Avenue. Blame it on the infamous wet weather from our girl, mother nature, if you will. But if it wasn’t for her, this small, yet mighty city wouldn’t be this beautiful.

How has it affect me?

As much as I don’t mind the mild wet weather, it does put a damper (pun intended) on my daily outfit choices.

  • I wear water resistant shoes, so my designer shoes are well taken care of.
  • Only suede and silk gets worn on a sunny day, which is not very often in the fall/winter months.
  • Outerwear choices need to have a removable hood for the rain, because locals do not use umbrellas. 
  • Don’t take “cocktail attire” seriously. That means a day dress for ladies and shirt/trousers for men is plenty fancy.
  • No matter the weather, I’ll never be caught dead wearing: fleece, sherpa boots and hiking sandals. For the record!

Who knows? The climate is changing. We might be getting less rain and more sun coming soon. For now, I do see hope of a fashionable future in Seattle. With all the constant migrants living in the “new” tech hub, we’re bound for people hungry for trend.

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC

asian women plaid mules around NYC

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC


New York City. The place I grew up and where I fell in love with fashion. Everyone has their own individual style and you see them breaking the rules. New Yorkers has the balls to try new things and carries it effortlessly. That’s why I love visiting home twice a year, to recharge my creative batteries.

The fashion was always “make it your own”. Literally! I’ll meet someone on the street and ask them where they bought their coat. They either made it or up-cycled it from a vintage piece. The competitiveness to be original, is insanely good for their soul.

On my most recent trip to NYC, I realized as much as I can’t live there anymore (or at least for now), I still love the constant stimulation. My outfits were planned accordingly to what my agenda was, as the look needed to last through the entire day.

  • Up my game. Just in case I get invited to a cool event, I made sure my outfit can take me from day to evening.
  • The shoes needed to be comfortable and cute. Even sneakers! Those subway stairs are not forgiving.
  • Carry a bag with ample space, so I can put all my essentials.
  • A pair of shades. I always want to look cool.
  • Layered clothing to take off or on. The buildings have different temps from one another and want to adjust accordingly.
  • Wear a knit tank underneath. You’ll never know when you’ll run into a sample sale without a changing room.

asian women in blue lace dress and denim jacket around NYC

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC


This look is a cross between east coast and west coast. Both celebrating my past and present. What’s more fitting than a bow detail lace midi dress and plaid mule from Nordstrom’s brand Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific.

Nordstrom, the Seattle department store that has the best selections, from designer to lower price point clothing. Atlantic-Pacific, the stylish fashion blog created by mega influencer Blair Eadie, merges her fashion lifestyles from both coasts. Hence, the name of her blog.

Together they created a whimsical and colorful collaboration, in affordable price points with clothing and accessories. Blair  does an amazing job showing her followers how to style them. As a designer, I personally love her new collection. From the way it’s merchandised to the fun quirky pieces. It was inspiring to say the least. She made her bi-coastal style work seamlessly while living in NYC, just like it does for me in Seattle.

Living and growing up in New York City, people asked me why did I ever leave. Obviously for a better quality of life and to take Seattle the fashion game to the next level. At least I’d like to believe, I’m contributing in some kind of way through blogging. You can thank me when you see me in person….haha. 

P.S.: Go check out the collection and let me know your thoughts. Comment below.

Xx, E.


Photography by Jack Davidson

asian women in blue lace dress around NYC


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