Elisa in garden sitting on bench with kacy yom green handbagElisa in garden with kacy yom handbagElisa in garden with kacy yom handbag by stairwell Elisa in garden sitting on bench with kacy yom green handbagElisa in garden with kacy yom handbag


When I first moved to Seattle ten years ago, there wasn’t much of a fashion scene. A city not known for cutting edge trends, all I knew existed were Nordstrom, polar fleece and plaid shirts. That’s pretty much it! The only cool trend would be 90’s grunge, back in those Nirvana days.

To my surprise, recently I’ve been noticing up and coming local designers paving their way to the surface of this barely existing fashion city.

Seattle, a small but mighty city is becoming the next tech hub in the west coast. The thriving city is attracting a flood of migrants from different parts of the country/world, who is thirsty for urban and cultural diversity. Which means for fashion, new opportunities and ideas come into play.

I’m always a big fan of supporting the community and local businesses. You’ll be hearing me speak more about emerging local designers in the course of few weeks. Which got me excited to write about my new recent favorite local handbag designer Kacy Yom.

Elisa in garden with green kacy yom cho rong handbag

Elisa in garden standing on bench with kacy yom green handbag Elisa in garden with cho rog green kacy yom green handbagElisa in garden with kacy yom handbag


I’ve been following Kacy’s vibrant collection of handbags and small leather goods for a short while. When I finally met her in person, I was touched by her personal story to the brand. Both as a designer and the products spoke for themselves. I immediately knew I had to share it with you all!

About the designer:
Kacy Yom is a Seattle based handbag designer who draws inspiration from her Korean heritage. Her debut collection is titled ‘Soh-Lee”, which means voice or sound. Each piece is named after a Korean word to describe the beauty and characteristics of the bag.

The one I am currently loving is Cho-Rong, which means “Bright” in Korean. This classic structured crossbody style is made in pebble leather with custom metal hardware. The raw materials and production of the bags using the best craftsmanship all from Italy. You know when it’s made in Italy, it’s super high quality!

The straps are adjustable and removable, creating a day to evening look instantly. I love wearing mine in a short crossbody and swing it towards the back. All the high end designers are also styling it this way! Get on it!

It comes in vibrant shades such as lipstick, black and my all time favorite lime. These bold colors are perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Can you imagine how an all black outfit would with just this bag alone?

All the bags have integrity and is design to perfection. You can tell by the beauty of each piece. The time and love it took to craft each handbag. Kacy Yom’s is emerging in Seattle’s fashion industry and you’ll want to invest in a piece of her work.

I’m so excited to see a local designer is in help to creating a much needed fashion community. Collectively paving new opportunities for other designers to make a fashion career and business in Seattle. There’s hope! Fashion DOES exists in Seattle!

Stay tuned for more mentions of local designers in upcoming weeks! Do you have a favorite local designer you’re loving? Please share in below comments.


Xx, E.

Elisa by stairwel with green kacy yom handbagElisa in garden sitting on bench with kacy yom green handbag

All photos by Southcote Digital


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Ava(your favorite niece) April 7, 2018 at 7:29 PM

So lucky that you get to meet someone famous!

elisa April 24, 2018 at 10:18 PM

I can introduce you to her someday…..


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