My Independence Day : Red, White and Blue

Women in red sweater looking and salutingLady in red top white pant standing in front of Mohai

Today you are 241 years old! I am so bless to celebrate the freedom of living in this beautiful country, I call home. Growing up I never knew the importance of independence day. As an adult, I finally realized what it means personally to me and for my family.

I am Chinese descent first generation born and raised in New York City. Both of my parents were immigrants from China and they came to the U.S. to give themselves and their family a future. A chance of a better life and an opportunity to be who they wanted to be. They wanted the American dream.

They made sacrifices by leaving what was familiar, by starting a new life in a foreign country. Even though they barely spoke any english, ’til this day even, the adversity and the set backs never stop them from searching peace and freedom. I can’t seem to think how different my life would be, if I grew up somewhere else other than America. Life is good and I’m pretty damn lucky.

Lady in red top white pant standing in front of MohaiLady in red top white pant standing in front of MohaiLady in red top white pant standing in front of MohaiIn celebration of July 4th, I was excited to put an outfit together. I was trying not to be so literal with the stars and stripes. In coincidence the backdrop worked in my favor and set the perfect patriotic mood.

I love summer sweaters and this crewneck crop pullover is in the best summer red. It’s made out of hight-twist rayon, so it has a “dry” hand-feel that is usually made in designer clothing. I’m crazy about the sleeve detail in contrast white color. It gives a nice pop to a solid sweater. The length is cropped at the right length to show the tie waist detail of the cuffed ankle pant.

These pants are one of my favorite “go-to” white pants that I’ve had in my closet for awhile.It goes with almost everything from the ankle length to the pegged leg shape. It’s so flattering on with heels and flat that I don’t need to worry about hemming them. Ladies, make sure to invest in the perfect white pant. When you like how it fits, make sure to buy it in multiple colors. A good pair is really hard to find.

I complimented the outfit with a pair of blush pink stacked heel sandals, which I’ve also owned for a few years. I fell in love with the feminine color and a the heavy duty double D-ring closure. It gives a little bit of edge to this style. Oh did you notice the perforated leather on the front of the shoe. It adds a bit of graphic play back to the drop needle detail on the sleeves.

How you like this outfit? Does Independence day have a special meaning for you?



OUTFIT DETAILS: Opening Ceremony [similar] Nordstrom White Pant [similar] Chloe Pink Sandals [similar]

Photographer Jason Tang

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