woman wearing printed trench and pink dress

asian woman wearing printed trench

woman wearing printed trench and pink dress


Shorter daylights and semi-permanent grey skies are giving me all the gloomy feels. Not to sound pessimistic, but Seattle’s weather can be a REAL drab (Seattleites can attest to this). The weather plays a huge part of the way I dress. It sets the mood every morning.

On sunny days, I’ll want to wear happy and fun colors. With rainy cold weather, all I want to wear is muted hues. Sad but true.

asian woman squatting on ground

woman wearing printed trench and pink dress

woman wearing printed trench and pink dress

woman wearing printed trench and pink dress


Although, just because the weather sucks, doesn’t mean your outfit needs to. I pulled together muted colors that reminds me of Seattle’s moody weather. Turquoise, pastel green, cognac browns, metallic bronze, light pink and soft white. A beautiful understated color palette.


1950’S INSPO

The 1950’s statement trench I scored at a local vintage shop, Swan Dive, is my new favorite third piece. It’s today’s post main feature. I had an emotional connection with the “Marni-esque” watercolor floral print. This type of print is usually found in a top or a dress, rarely on an outerwear piece. So as I was having those jaw dropping moments, I then realized the print reverses to a solid black color. Mind blown!!

I wore it with a light pink shirt dress with a wide full skirt going back to the 1950’s vibe of the trench coat. It’s made in a viscose crepe with subtle texture. I added a rhinestone bow belt, cinching creating a hourglass shape.

You guys know how I love to play with fabric, pattern and texture. So, I paired the outfit with a leopard printed calfskin ankle bootie and metallic bronze leather driving gloves, to update the look. The structured shoulder bag, I’ve restyled from this post, has metal trims to give a bit of edge I needed to balance this feminine look.

asian woman dancing on street

asian woman squatting on ground

PNW gets a bad rep with the weather. Without the rain, we can’t be this beautiful with all the lush greeneries. Oh and not to forget those AHHHHmazing summers. Ok I’ll quit complaining. I’ll just make cute outfits to compensate.

So peace out, sun! See you in May.

Do you dress according to your mood?


Xx, E.


woman wearing printed trench and pink dress



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