Elisa pioneer square color story 009 elisa pioneer square color story 001I LOVE COLOR

Color is fun. It creates magical unicorn feelings and makes stories come to life! Can you imagine a world without color? That would really SUCK!

When I get dress every morning, I choose my outfit base on the mood I’m in. Wearing bright colors means I’m either feeling happy or energetic. Dark or neutral colors means I’m rather exhausted to deal with color that day. At times, all I need is a bright lip to get me going. That’s how I tell my personal color story.

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Color plays a significant part of the design process. The selected colors chosen for the season, emotionally captures the consumer.

For instance, a bright acid yellow would be perfect for spring and hunter green for a fall palette. As a designer, I get inspired by everything I do and see. That sounds very broad. But it’s true. I can be eating a slice of avocado toast and loving the green color from the fruit. Or walking through the farmer’s market and be inspired by the pink peonies and red beets. I think all designers can relate.

It literally can be anything. But when it happens, I get an uncontrollable excitement and want to create something awesome, whether it’s for my design work or the outfit I’m wearing.

"Eleven Thirty" 2014 by Mad C

“Eleven Thirty” 2014 Tahiti by Mad C


In this case, I was inspired by the colors from German born graffiti artist, MadC mural “Eleven Thirty” 2014 in Tahiti. I found her work using Google Art Palette, a feature to search original artworks from likes and variety of artists. It’s an amazing tool, if you’re ever in need to search for inspiration. (See how it works for Paul Smith)

What I love about this mural, was the use of vibrant saturated colors set on a sterile white background, allowing the colors to POP! The medium used created these almost brushstrokes of colors overlapping each other. The colors of light to dark are moving seamlessly, keeping the observer’s eyes at flow. (Wow that sounds so poetic!) If I didn’t mention MadC using spray paint for this piece, you would probably think this was a water color paining. You know I’m right?

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I’m constantly searching for inspo, whether it’s for creative, life and emotional reasons. That’s why I love to travel and doing “off the beaten path” things all the time. It’s important for me to be consistently stimulated and play with creations.

What’s your favorite color? Mine is …..(check my instagram to find out).

Xx, E.

Photos by Oleksy Ohurtsov

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