Welcome to EFORELISA’S Holiday 2019 Gift Guide!

This year, I’m doing things a bit differently.

As a family, we’ve been having conversations on how we can live with less and experience more. For instance, I took Kinsley to a Taylor Swift concert for her 7th birthday, rather than giving her lavish gifts. Until this day, she still remembers all the fun we’ve had. The memories are priceless.

So as responsible parents and human beings of extra consumptions on just “things”, we decided to gift experience.


Skydiving: Peter and I jumped off an airplane on our 10th year wedding anniversary. You can watch the crazy video here. It’s definitely not for the fainted heart, but what a way to celebrate a big milestone! If you know an adrenaline junkie, who’d like an “out of body” experience, this would not disappoint. Go big or go home, right? Search for your local skydiving company.


  • Soundcloud: For music lovers to download their fave tunes (starts at $8/month). Since we love all different kinds of music, including all the top 40 songs Kinsley loves, it’s the perfect platform for a one stop shop.
  • Dollar Shave Club: Peter has a monthly subscription of affordable razors delivered to our doorstep. No more trips to the drug store for overpriced razors. Starter set price at $5.00/month. WIN!
  • Bacon Freak: Our family loves bacon. Who doesn’t? Every month, starting at $150 for 3 months, a variety of bacon products, like jerky and candy, gets sent to your home. Nitrate free and gluten free options are also available. This is so AWESOME!  
  • Birch Box: Available for men & women starting at $10/month you’ll get a range of sample size beauty, make up and hair products. Basically you can try it before you invest in a full size. This is borderline acceptable as experience, but at least you’ll get to try something new every month. 
  • Bean Box: For those coffee lovers, you get a box of four different type of beans to try per month from small batch Seattle roasters. Three month subscription starts at $68/month. Move over Starbucks, here comes home brewed coffee!

Spa Retreat: A weekend trip for some R&R sounds incredible right about now. I’m talking about sans kids. Just you and the S.O., getting pampered and rekindling those feelings. There are tons of adults only spa retreats, such as Post Hotel, a boutique-y hotel with delicious food and luxe amenities. It’s on my list!

Exotic Car Rental: This is more for the boy(s) in the house, in my case. Peter loves exotic cars and currently we can’t afford one. To make his dream come true, why not rent it for a day! 

Ski Trip: We went on a family ski trip to Whistler a couple of years ago and we had a blast. Read the post here. All three of us ski at different levels, so it was the perfect trip for us to do our “own thing” and then spend time with each other afterwards. 


A Holiday Show: As an annual family tradition, to kick off the holiday season, we would watch The Nutcracker, a classic Christmas ballet. Whether it’s a play or a musical, kids love going to the shows to fill their hearts with good ole holiday cheer.

Instrument Lessons: Music is one of the arts for self expression and can be taught to kids at any age. Kinsley currently is in love with anything pop music. Ever since she attended her first Taylor Swift concert, she’s been asking for piano lessons. 

All Things Science: Kinsley is fascinated about science. What’s more perfect than a subscription to Stem Club for my nerdy girl. A monthly box starts at $19.99/month for all ages. This one is an exception as it’s not just toys, but educational and fun!

Indoor Skydiving: The kid has been loving her lessons at Ifly and goes every week to learn new tricks. Best yet, parents can join the fun as well. There are locations all over the world, starting at $70.

A Sporting Event: Kinsley is a big Seahawks fan, probably influenced by us. She had wished to attend a football game and said we’d take her when she turns seven. So we’re in the hunt for good tickets and can’t wait to take her. Parent Tip: Kids remember EVERYTHING! 

There will always be stuff we want. Blame it on our hoarder moms and who won’t throw anything away. We wind up with clutter everywhere, and I’ll be the first to admit it. 

We get sucked into the ads, programming our brains, in needing the latest and greatest. I’m already seeing Kinsley falling into this trap. The kid can recite an entire Barbie commercial. Um…no thanks!

So, I hope this guide can help you kick off your holiday shopping and cross some of it off your list. Consider memories that will last a lifetime rather than “stuff”.  

Merry holidays from our family to yours…..

XX, E.

Photography by Jason Tang


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