asian woman on dock sitting by lake wearing white lace
asian woman on dock by lake
asian woman sitting on dock by lake

As Seattle summer approaches, I’m looking for new outfits. However, I refuse to invest money in what seems to be just for the short two months of hot weather. So I took a good look in my nifty closet and see what I can restyle.


I always love the look of crisp white outfits for the summer. With that in mind, I found head-to-toe white lace pieces sitting in my closet! I’ve worn many white outfits, but the lace adds interesting texture and femininity. I never thought of wearing them together for the obvious reasons (such as, resemblance of grandma’s doily or a tablecloth).

At this point, I can feel the excitement trembling allover my body! Why didn’t I ever thought of this before!

Okay, let’s start with the lace top! The 3/4 sleeve jewel neck is so pretty and delicate with tiny button detailing on the back. With the white lace made in cotton, it has a more casual look, as oppose to shiny nylon or drape-y rayon. In the past, I’ve worn the top with jeans and shorts. But I had never thought to pairing it back with a lace bottom.

The white lace trumpet skirt hits right below the knee decorated with cut out edges. It’s fitted throughout the hip and flares out at the hem, creating a hour glass silhouette. Keep in mind: A waist shape is a must, with this much white lace. You don’t want to look frumpy!

asian woman on dock by lake wearing white lace
asian woman sitting on dock by lake

Self Portrait-Like

When I put them on together, I felt like a genius. I said, “This looks like a poor girl’s Self-Portrait dress.” The London brand is infamous for their feminine lace-y pieces worn by celebrities and influencers. The cost of one of their dresses are between US$350-$500. Shopping in my own closet cost zero. That’s a win for me! I know it’s not exactly the same. But I have to find a win somewhere!

Coincidently, I had a pair of perforated leather oxfords that looks just like lace (see how I restyle them here). The low block heel set a casual tone to the outfit and easy to run around in. Changing them up with a pair of white or neutral heels takes me straight to a date night look.

Finally some sleek accessories to give a break from all that lace. I mean we don’t want it to be an overkill, right? I carried a white bag with a modern clean style and sleek retro cat eye sunnies to complete this outfit.

I’m still pinching myself that I’ve owned all the pieces, but never thought of putting them together. So excited to wear this lace outfit again elevating the summer all white look.

I encourage you to give a look in your closet and experiment with this white lace head-to-toe. Try it an all black or a subtle texture fabric, such as linen.

In case you don’t have any of them in your closet, here are some pieces you can easily put together to get a similar look:

Got styling questions? Drop it on the comments below!


Xx, E.

Photography by Jason Tang

asian woman on dock by lake wearing white lace

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