Elisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore rooftop viewElisa in faux denim jumpsuit leather bag at hotel theodore penthouse back view


Wearing a jumpsuit can be a big pain in the butt. C’mon ladies you know what I’m talking about! Putting it on is already half the battle.For me, I always need Peter to help me zip up.

Here are the steps for wearing a jumpsuit:

Putting it on.

  1. Legs in first.
  2. Lace your arms through the armhole (if there’s one).
  3. Lock and load it with a zipper, buttons or ties.

(Ok wait! That’s just getting it in. What about going to the bathroom!? We all know that can be a struggle on its own.)

Taking it off, especially to the bathroom.

  1. Trying to get out of it by yourself. It’s all on you. Unless a girlfriend can help.
  2. You’re half naked trying to hold onto the top half of the suit so it doesn’t touch the dirty bathroom floor.
  3. Trying to wipe with one hand, while the other holding onto your clothes.
  4. Putting the top half back on again.

Rinse & repeat!

Who has time for all that! Don’t get me wrong. I love a jumpsuit and I have a few. But it takes a lot effort. I need to be in the right mood to put one on.

Elisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore rooftop roosevelt sign


When it comes to denim, the first thing you’ll think of are 5 pocket jeans or a denim jacket. Denim has been a classic staple fabric for not just the classics. They are also used in all types of silhouettes. Such as this outfit I’m wearing from a local Seattle clothing retail brand, Jarbo.

The shirt is in a relax fit with dolman sleeves giving it drama and plenty of ease. This shape in an unexpected fabric creates a fresh look. I love how it’s a dressed up version of a denim shirt, since the fabric doesn’t have any wash effects.

These wide leg pants has a surplice wrap detail that laces through the other side of the waist, seamlessly creates a tie and most importantly a waist. I can’t get enough of this feminine detail.

I intentionally tucked in the shirt to create a once piece look. If I didn’t explain these two pieces separately, you’d probably thought I was wearing a jumpsuit. As I mentioned, wearing a jumpsuit can be a lot of work, so this is a good little trick to fool the eye.

Tip: Make sure to keep the fabric and color the same to achieve this “faux” jumpsuit look.


Elisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore rooftop 2Elisa faux denim jumpsuit with grocery bag at theodore hotelElisa with hermes twilly braceletElisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore penthouse back view

Oh and that “grocery bag” leather pebble handbag! It’s so modern! Perfect for the weekend-cool-chick vibe! It’s so roomy it holds everything I need.

I kept it sleek and architectural with these leather pumps. The mirror details on the heel is insanely awesome. The sharp lines reminds me of Art Deco. They’re not the most easiest to walk in. So they only come out on special occasions. I do recommend pairing this outfit with a pair of sneakers or sandals for a casual look.

Lastly I’ve been playing with scarves to add color to my outfits. This one is worth mentioning since it’s my prize possession. It’s a Merveilleuses Lanternes twilly from Hermès, I used as a bracelet. I added the complimentary gold pyramids to make it look like actual jewelry. I love the versatility of this scarf.  Can’t wait to restyle it on a handbag or wear it as a head scarf!

Will you be wearing this faux denim jumpsuit?

Xx, E.

Elisa in faux denim jumpsuit at hotel theodore rooftop hanging on roosevelt sign

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dolman Shirt|Pant|Bag (similar)|Shoes (similar)|Twilly Scarf|Sunglasses (similar)|Earrings (similar)|Mesh Anklets 

All photos by Jason Tang

Shirt/Pants/Handbag provided by Jarbo


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Kelsey April 17, 2018 at 9:29 PM

Damnnn! This outfit and shoot backdrop is amazing! Absolutely beautiful photography!! And yes jumpsuits are hella annoying taking off an on when using the loo, but damn they are cute!🤗

Ava (your fabulos niece) April 19, 2018 at 2:03 PM

I love the outfit and how it looks! Its so stunning!!!! YOU LOOK SO LIT!


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