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When it comes to ANYTHING new and trendy about food, I’m on it! I get completely obsessed on how and where to find it. I will go near and far just to taste it, so I can cure the cravings and feel the satisfaction.

I once waited almost two hours for a hand rolled ice cream hosted by the Fung Brothers and it was all worth it. At times if I can’t get it locally in Seattle, I’ll learn how to make it. Do you guys know how much heavy cream is n panna cotta? I know. You’re thinking this girl got some heavy OCD going on!

I think food and fashion are quite similar, when it comes to trend. When the next big thing in food or fashion are buzzing around, all you can think about is how to get your hands on it. You want to be the earlier adopters in the trend and have people asking about it on Instagram. Right?

What if I told you that I came across Le Foodie, a tee shirt company that designs original prints using “food expressions” (I think they just answered my prayers). Their play on words are cheeky and fun. The graphics are all screen printed on soft ring spun cotton material.  The styles are all unisex, so if your S.O. won’t get embarrass, you both can wear one together. Note to self: need to buy one for Peter.

My favorite part about the company is they take 10% of the profits of each tee shirt sold and donates it to an organization in helping feed struggling families. What a great combination between all my favorites things:


I’ve been so inspired with the Le Foodie tees, I came up with recommendations of all my favorite places to eat in Seattle.

FRIES: If you had to ask me what kind of food I cannot live without and the answer would be FRIES! Whether it’s plain old sticks of fries, tater tots, hash browns, waffles I’m allover it! The smell of the hot oil once it comes out of the fryer, is just mesmerizing.

Li’l Woody’s: Crack fries are what you should order! What’s in it might you ask? They’re hand cut fries with a side of milkshake for dipping. The best combination in the world! It leaves you wanting for more.

Katsu Burger: There’ are four kinds of fries: Nori, Sea Salt, Curry and 12 Spice. And they have different dipping sauces you can choose from. The burgers are amazing too!

Maranation Ma Kai: Aloha fries is famous at this joint. Double fried fries topped with a sunny side egg, nori, mayo and sirracha.

Harry’s Fine Foods: Hot crunchy fries topped with parmesan and fresh herbs. So sophisticated!

Primero Cafe Con Leche tee shirt with coffee cup

COFFEE: My mojo every morning. A few years ago, I thought I can quit this caffeinated beverage. Seattle has 10 times more coffee stores per 100,000 residents than the United States has overall. I don’t think quitting was ever going to work!

Café Senso Unico: No one really know about this small and mighty place. It’s own and run by Mario, a true Italian barista. Every sip you take, tastes just like if you were drinking an espresso at a tabacchi in Italy.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room: Yes, they made the list. But this is no ordinary chain coffee shop, that you’re used to. This is about the tasting experience and enjoying the learnings of coffee you can only get in this facility. Allow ample time.

Vivace: Serving Seattlites coffee since 1988. I was first introduced to their coffee a few years ago and the first cup blew me away. It has a nutty after taste like the ones you get from a cup of cappuccino in Italy. It just good old fashion coffee.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Artisanal coffee made from people that knows their stuff. Their story is amazing! From the sourcing of the beans, roasting, brewing to the final product, it’s all precisely thought out and you can taste it in their coffee.

DONUTS: I love it for breakfast, a snack and a treat. What other food can do all that? Best creation ever!

General Porpoise: A few weeks back I took an Uber round trip during lunch, just so I get a box of donuts to share with my colleagues. It’s handsdown the best sugar donuts I’ve ever had! The original custard flavor is my favorite!

Rodeo Donut: Brioche based fried donuts with daily flavors changing everyday. See the menu for the flavors of the day.

Family Donut: Straight and simple selection of donuts that’s family owned. Try the fritters. Yum!

What are your favorite places to eat? Please comment below.



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