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I eat and breathe cashmere everyday (literally!). Well that’s because my job is to design gorgeous sweaters in this luxury fiber that I absolutely love! Every knitwear designer’s dream is to use cashmere yarns in their designs. So, I’m lucky I get to do it all year round. Who doesn’t love cashmere? It’s some of the best stuff out there!
At times it doesn’t phase me how expensive a cashmere sweater can be, because it’s second nature to me. It’ll run from hundreds to thousands of dollars! So I came up with a list of my favorite on sale cashmere products. This is the best time to get it at a fraction of the cost, when retailers are marking down prices to make rooms for new merchandise. Winter is not quite over yet. So lucky for you, you’ll have more time to wear them before the warmer weather turns around. Score!
Oh one reminder! Valentine’s Day is coming up, so something for your partner/wifey/significant other, perhaps? Remember, it’s a sale so don’t procrastinate. And stay tuned for E’s Fave Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

XO, E.


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 BASICS: It’s time to load up on these into your closet. You want the basics to restyle and layer with all your outfits. With care, these will last for a long time and will not go out of style.

STRIPES: This classic pattern isn’t only for the preppy. There are so many variations from placed to two tone stripes. It’s the best way to create novelty in your wardrobe collection.

CARDIGANS: The fashion industry calls it a “third piece”. Which means it’s not a jacket, yet it completes your outfit, because top is first and bottom is second. Makes sense, right? It’s light enough to layer and warm enough to wear outside by itself. WINNING!

PANTS: Whether you’re lounging at home or wearing them outside of the house, cashmere pants are the softest and comfiest clothes you can put on your legs. I usually wear mine when lounging on the couch or wearing them on a long flight. Try them out. You’ll thank me.


Take a breather. Ok, ready for more cashmere? Keep scrolling down.


SOCKS: I personally don’t own a pair of cashmere socks. But I can imagine putting them on kicking up my feet in a ski lodge next to the fireplace. These are not to be worn outside that’s for sure! Après ski anyone?

GLOVES: Ok now these can go outdoors. Nothing beats a warm pair of gloves, if you’re that one to get cold hands all the time. (You know who you are!) Oh, the best ones are the leather ones that are lined in cashmere. Durability + Cozy = Warm Winters.


HATS: It’s cute to match your gloves to your hat and scarf, but it’s not necessary. Mix and match accessories allow you cto showcase your own style. Be bold. Be you!

SCARVES: I love scarves, especially when I fly on planes. There’s always a draft somewhere and I don’t like to get cold around my neck. Anybody else have this problem? It’s also a good way to cover your mouth, in case there’s a smelly person sitting next to you. I had plenty of those incidents far too many times.

HOME: Who doesn’t love to lie around the house in a house full of cashmere decor!? I do! Try these for your home or a gift for someone who’ll appreciate it. I say scrap everything and just netflix + snuggle!

FOR THE BOYS: Can’t forget the dude in your life. There’s tons of cashmere product for him and he’ll appreciate you keeping him warm. I get Peter a couple of sweaters a year and he loves when I get him cashmere. He throws a  light jacket on and he’s set to go. Super easy!

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I love the cardigans! Might buy one…

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