I’ve first heard about Dr. Dennis Gross was when I received a Selfridge’s advent calendar full of miniature size makeup and skincare. Behind one of the advent windows, were a few packets of ALPHA BETA DAILY PEEL. With just only samples amounts, I could only see minimal results.

So when Dr. Dennis Gross reached out, to try a full box (30 applications) of ALPHA BETA DAILY PEEL, I was really excited for a longer trial of their patented formula. I’ve soon learned they are reputable in the beauty industry with incredible clinical results. If they can get into Selfridge’s, they must be doing something right.


There are three different types of peels, ULTRA GENTLE for sensitive skin, Universal for normal skin, and Extra Strength for combination of normal- oily. A box includes 30 packets and cost $88, about $2.93 a packet. Each packet has two treatments.

It seems hefty for a couple of wet napkins. But these come in “magical ingredients” that takes out all the dead skin and impurities. If it works, I’m game!

I chose the Extra Strength, because some areas of my skin is normal and oily, especially the T zone. Therefore, that seems like the best choice.


The recommended instructions are first with Step 1, to exfoliate and smooth by massaging the wipe on to clean, dry skin until the pad is dry. When I started to wipe it around my face, there was a strong alcohol smell and my skin was tingly, almost a burning sensation-not in a bad way. The 7 acids and antioxidants, were definitely kicking in!

I was worried my face would turn bright red with blotches. After waiting for two minutes (as instructed), the tingling went away. Probably lifting all the gunk that’s been on the surface of skin for a very long time. YUCK!


Repeat the same with Step 2. This time it was less tingly. I can feel the balancing and smoothing effects. Taking a closer look of my skin, it definitely shows more of an even tone and texture.

The peel helped prepare the skin for better absorption with my nightly serum and moisturizer. First time users should use the peel every two days to let the skin adjust. Other than that, I would highly recommend this product.

I am looking forward to try one of Dr. Dennis Gross Pore Perfecting & Refining Serum and start adding more of their products to my daily skin regimen.

Stay tuned for more reviews in the near future, when I explore more anti-aging beauty and skincare products.

XX, E.

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