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Spring Vogue Double Coat Trend

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Hold on Spring, not so fast! I need to talk about this double coat trend first. Call me crazy but I’m loving this look. I’ve been seeing  it coming down the Spring 2018 runways and influencers in recent fashion weeks. Well I want to give this concept a try. So I went to my closet and see what coats I have available to layer with.

Firstly I put on a knee length navy coat. Then I put on a statement white jacquard coat from a vintage shop I purchased on our honeymoon ten years ago. This piece can actually pass for a Proenza Schouler, doesn’t it? I get tons of compliments and people are shocked when they find out it’s vintage.

The length of this coat falls shorter than the navy coat, to ground this double coat look with twelve inches of solid navy color.  Note that the statement coat is the outer layer to show the beautiful floral pattern (stripes and plaids work too!). Also keep in mind the outer layer needs to be super oversize in order to layer over the bottom layer.

All in all, it may look heavy from the photos. However, both of the pieces are not lined, nor have any structured built into it. When I mean structure, there aren’t any shoulder pads, interfacing or fusing you’d find normally on a tailored coat. So it’s light and warm!

I decided to keep this outfit in tones of blues and navy so I can make it all about the coats. Although I keep the viewers eyes moving by using different texture and patterns. Such as the stripes on the sweater and the side seam on the pair of jeans.

The pointy shoes has an architectural take on simple lines and modern shape. Its cone heel is the perfect height for wearing them all day at work. These are my favorite shoes to wear with denim. I can’t wait to try other fabrications to see how many outfits I can turn up!

Of course I had to add a pair of fishnets to make this outfit a bit more fun. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been playing around with this look. You name it:  with sneakers, sandals and ankle boots. It just adds a bit of sex appeal in an unexpected way, because fishnets are usually worn in the form of thigh highs and panty hose. These fishnet anklets are my new best friend!

This trend may not be for everyone, but try it out in lighter options for spring; such as vest over a single breasted blazer. The trick is to layer unexpected pieces together. Don’t forget to have fun with it. Take a risk!





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Ava (your fabulos niece) March 19, 2018 at 4:16 PM

I absolutely love the coat!!! Its so trendy and stylish!!!!! Love it!!!


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