asian woman lying on tennis court

You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing a stripe shift dress with Chanel accessories prancing around on a tennis court. Other than it being an amazing backdrop for a photoshoot, there’s more to the unknown. Well….allow me to let you in on a little secret. With the lack of any tennis skills, I’ve always desired to play.

asian woman on tennis court wearing shift dress
asian woman on tennis court wearing shift dress


Growing up as a teenager in New York City, I used to play street handball or in other words “American handball”. It’s the only sport that doesn’t require much equipment. All you needed was a rubber ball, a huge wall and one other player. Everyday my friends and I would go after school, to pick up games (and boys).

I find both tennis and handball rather alike, except the racket replaces the hand. Not to mention the running around like mad, trying to keep the ball “in the line”. Tennis enthusiasts, am I right? My husband makes fun of me and says it’s NOT nearly the same. I still have to prove him wrong.

My family and I live in a neighborhood with tennis courts, literally, in every corner. Also, we belong to a prestigious tennis club. So, you would think I had picked up the damn sport already. Well, the actual reason is, with the thought of all the logistics from purchasing new equipment, taking lessons, finding players and making the time, seems to have already defeated me.

So for now, I am an “aspiring” tennis player, but just making it FASHION! In other words, it’s a “fake it, ’til you make it” moment. It’s not very convincing. However, I’ll get there someday.

Move over Serena…..I’m coming for ya!

asian woman with belt accessories
asian woman with chanel shoes


The black stripes on this shift dress is subtle (just look closely). It creates a graphic play with touches bold black accessories across the waist. Between the Chanel patent belt (styled here as well) and perforated sandals, textures were mixed into elevate this sporty chic look. Threw in a modern pair of black cat eye sunnies to level set all the clean lines.


asian woman on tennis court wearing shift dress

Did you watch the U.S. Open this past weekend? Wow! Both women’s and men’s finals were nail biting and exhausting to watch. Although, I was cheering for the under dogs. At the end, those that won the championship title prevailed!

Congrats Bianca Andreescu and Rafael Nadal!

Xx, E.

Photography by Jason Tang

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Samara September 10, 2019 at 8:48 AM

Black and white on a bright green tennis court always looks très chic. That last picture of you climbing over the net is so cute! 🙂

elisa September 10, 2019 at 10:22 PM

Perfect back drop! I had so much fun on this shoot!


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