A Couples Getaway – The San Francisco Edition 

Couples' getaway walking down the street


The first couples getaway Peter and I ever took was a trip to Rio de Janiero, Brazil a few years ago. We felt terrible leaving Kinsley with his parents, but we had justifiable reasons. We needed to take a vacation alone, just the two of us.

When we arrived, we were having so much fun being together and forgetting all the day to day responsibilities, like the house, work, chores and bills. We were remote from it all and had time to only focus on Peter and Elisa.

We did not even argue once! It was AMAZING! The only ironic thing was that we wound up talking about Kinsley the entire time; how she would enjoy the beach with her itty bitty bikini and a fresh coconut.


Couples' getaway with Girl in ruffle blouse leaning against window


After that trip, we realized we needed to take a couples getaway more often, to remind us how we were before marriage and kids. How we were when we fell in love, the things we did to make each other laugh and the spontaneity.

When the opportunity of a SF trip presented itself, we immediately took the chance to take a quick escape to rekindle our love (so cheesy!). We had a full 48 hours of ‘Eat, Shop & Stay” and lots of laughs!


Couples' getaway holding hands in coffee shop



Bodega: Love the name, but don’t let it fool you. It’s actually a quaint little neighborhood restaurant serving New American food with European décor. They serve great coffee along with a simple menu of delicious foods that’s perfect for a lunch or dinner. Can I suggest the avocado toast and brussel sprouts?

Blue Bottle: This artisanal coffee joint started in Oakland California 15 years ago is now the “go to” for coffee drinkers in the bay area. Expect to receive a freshly brewed cup of coffee with stories behind it and take your time sipping it with a book in your hand, while you comfortably sit in one of their cafes.

Rintaro: Serving izakaya bar type food, taking me back to our trip to Japan few months ago. The dishes were authentic and ingredients were fresh. We invited my cousin and her husband to join us, so we were able to try many different plates.


Couples' getaway Girl at a cafe in a ruffle blouse


Super Duper Burgers: “Healthy” fast food serving fresh burgers and garlic fries. Best yet, all you can eat free pickles! The quality is comparable to In-N-Out Burger. What else can you ask for?

Mensho Tokyo: Originally from Tokyo and highly recommended by Peter, this place only seats about 25 people at a time. We had the clam broth ramen which they serve only 10 bowls a night. The flavors were rich and “fishy” (in a good kind of way). It’s nothing like I’ve ever tasted and highly recommended.

Uma Casa: SF is a giant melting pot with a diversified portfolio of cuisines. We were lucky to find Portuguese food, because we don’t have anything remotely close in Seattle. Fresh seafood and delicious Portuguese wine, were carefully selected for this gem.

Mazarine Coffee: Located in the heart of downtown 5 mins from the W hotel, we found this quick spot for an avocado toast and a fresh cup of coffee.


Couples' getaway Girl laughing in ruffle blouse



Mission District

Benny Gold: Serving different types of chai tea brewed right in front of you, while you shop their locally designed men’s streetwear line.

Reformation: Designed and manufactured in the US, they carry the cutest pieces in simple prints in flirty silhouettes. Although they had an hour wait to try on clothes, which I thought was a bit weird. But that doesn’t discount how cool the store is.

Mission Workshop: The brand is built from the love of biking as a transportation. The gear they carry are perfect for rainy places like Seattle. Peter owns a bike bag and a light weight raincoat from them and is in love with their products!


North Beach

Design Like Whoa: You can custom design your own quotes onto any apparel they carry or shop their already designed pieces.

The Darkside Initiative: Curated sneaker and streetwear apparel store. Super cool pieces that are hard to find, especially for those sneaker heads.

Eden & Eden: Offering new and vintage chic pieces in this open lit boutique. Jewelry and home goods are sold in their store.

Lola: Stationary card store carrying toys and SF souvenirs for anyone you can think of. A great place to find something unique to bring back home.


Couples' getaway having an intimate moment by the gate



W Hotel: We have stayed in many W hotels and this SF branch doesn’t seem to disappoint. I love how the décor and branding of the W is consistent across different cities.

The location provided the perfect place to get to everything. It was minutes to restaurants, shopping and tourist spots. The hospitality was attentive and thoughtfully put together. Perfect for a couples getaway!


Couples' getaway Girl in ruffle blouse leaning against a Mercedes


Couples tend to forget to “date” each other after they’ve been together for a long time. We get so caught up with the day to day lives, that we need to be reminded why we were together in the first place.

I’m certainly guilty of it and don’t do enough “date nights” or getaways. I’m not an expert trying to give advice. This is just an observation of my own relationship with my husband and passing on my experience to you.

Don’t wait around for each other to make plans. Book that couples getaway you’ve been wanting to go to with your partner and gaze into each other’s eyes for a few days. You’ll thank me later….





DETAILS: And Other Stories Ruffle Blouse Trouve Leather Shorts [similar] Chloe Buckle Sandals [similar]

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tracey Mammolito

About this photoshoot: Tracey, one of my dearest and talented friends, had wanted to collaborate on a shoot ever since I’ve started my fashion lifestyle blog.

We took the afternoon to shoot around North Beach neighborhood and reacquainted ourselves from lost times. We also made some new friends along the way.


Couples getaway taking a break with some homies

It was the perfect sunny day, a perfect couples getaway! Peter and I had so much fun shooting around the city. The last time we’ve taken professional pictures was our engagement photos ten years ago. Thank you Tracey for capturing a special time in our lives.


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