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Velvet has been amongst the favorite fabric for Fall/Winter 2017, which I previously mentioned on this postThe last time I can remember velvet’s popularity was early 2k’s when Juicy Couture velour tracksuits were the hottest thing worn by celebrities. If you still have those “juicy” pants, maybe it’s time to bring them back. Not!

The recent runways we’re all about this luscious fabric and so were fast fashion retailers. You’ve got jackets, skirts, shoes, tops, bags and furniture. The choices are endless. It seemed like everyone jumped on the bandwagon and decided to get in on the trend altogether. This velvet, velour or velveteen might stick around longer than you think. But if you want in on it and stay relevant, you’ll have to take an extra step. Ok, what do I mean by that? (scroll down)

asian woman packing suitcase at hotel theodoreJunya Wantanabe Moto Jacket on Top of Hotel theodore blanketasian woman sitting on couch at hotel theodore

By next year velvet will not be “new”, because it was hot this year. The trend will/may continue, but to stay ahead of the game I found this Junya Watanabe brocade burnout jacquard biker jacket. When I saw it my mouth dropped open, of how gorgeous it was. It’s one of those moments that you get emotionally attached to something. You guys ever get that feeling about clothes? It’s dangerously bad. I mean my wallet that is. However, I justified the purchase by seeing myself wearing it for many seasons.

I’ve never come close to anything from Junya Watanabe, let alone own something. It was honorable to have one of the legend’s designs in my closet. I guess that’s a good enough reason to buy it. It’s a collector’s item. A masterpiece!

The burnout velvet on the sleeve is a beautiful jacquard pattern and the rich jewel tones are so lush. The rest of the body is made of faux leather material in a classic biker silhouette. All the trims are made with heavy metal shiny nickel material, to appear bold and masculine. This jacket is definitely a statement piece. I’ve gotten “wow” as a compliment from fashion lovers. They spin me around and study the jacket like it was a curated art from the MET. Bravo Mr. Watanabe!

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I layered a light weight cashmere grey turtleneck underneath the jacket to keep it all about the jacket and skirt. Another loud color would throw off the look entirely and become a hot mess. You need to know when to pump the breaks. Well, that’s why I’m here, right? To show you guys how to balance/style an outfit.

The skirt from Chelse 28, is more tone down compare to the jacket. But the golden yellow color alone stands on its own. It’s that perfect rich velvety buttery color you just want to melt your body in. It’s light and soft to the touch. The silhouette is in a classic pleated style, so I can restyle it again and again. I love how the length reaches my mid-calf, just enough to show off my shoes.

asian woman wearing blue satin shoesHaerfest Agnes Satchel

Did I tell you these Halogen boots are made of teal satin? I have another pair in red suede and I LOVE them. They are definitely a “shoe(w)-stopper”. But the reason why I chose teal is how it compliments the entire outfit from color palette to materials. There’s a mixture of different textures, to keep your eyes moving around. Like a work of art!

Oh don’t forget those mesh ankle socks! By which I’ve been styling the death out of in all of my daily outfits. Even though it’s in white, I wanted to keep it neutral but still add a “pop” to highlight the ankle boots. It’s another way to keep it fun and light with a bit of sex appeal. Who doesn’t like a little peek-a-boo. Oh yassssss!

The Agnes satchel handbag, in cocoa, from Haerfest, has been my latest obsession. I’ve restyled it once on my previous post.  I love how it is bold in form, but subtle in details. A perfect classic piece to keep for years to come!

Wow that’s a mouthful of styling information. Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did writing and shooting it. This is by far one of my favorite outfits this season. I can’t wait to take it apart and restyle it in many different ways. Stay tuned!


XO, E.


All photos by Jason Tang







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Ava (your fabulos niece!) January 23, 2018 at 5:08 PM

I love the biker jacket and your outfit!! I like how you balance all the colors all together! its like an artwork with lots of colors but not 2 much!!LOVE YOU! YOU HAVE REALLY GOOD TASTE!!!!!:)

elisa January 30, 2018 at 1:13 PM

Thanks sweetie!


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