Elisa and Peter Wedding Guest at Delille Cellars

Elisa Wedding Guest at Delille Cellars by white fence


These days the only time I am well-dress, are at weddings. I’m way past the bridal party stage, with all my friends now married with kids. At this point in life, being invited as a wedding guest is a GOOD excuse to get:



It’s kind of sad, but who cares. I get a night out with the hubs!

As usual, I always like to look my best, especially when it comes to a fancy party. To have the latest and greatest in fashion comes with a cost. Spending the money on a dress I’ll be wearing once or twice, if I’m lucky, is not economical for me.

Without maxing out my credit card, I solve my well-dress issue by renting occasional dresses, at Rent The Runway. They are my constant savior, when it comes to cocktail and black tie events.

I love the amount of selections, from designer to contemporary pieces. There are tons of styles to choose from and size ranges up to size 12. Plus size and maternity options are also available as well.

Elisa Wedding Guest at Delille Cellars


Elisa and Peter Wedding Guest at Delille Cellars in front of white barn

I rented this Dorado Print Dress from Solace London. Isn’t it gorgeous! It has a handkerchief hem on the front of the dress. With a big sweep (fashion vocab for circumference of the hem), I can dance and twirl around all night.

The colorful geometric pattern is modern and playful, giving vibes to people, “this lady is here to PARTY!” Throw a pair of dancing shoes and I’m all set to go!

I paid $102 to rent this dress for 4 days, instead of purchasing it for $670. Now that’s money saving. It comes already dry cleaned and all you have to do is just sent it right back with a prepaid mailing label. Easy right?

Let’s recap for a sec.:

  • My closet isn’t crowded with unworn dresses
  • Wallet is happy
  • Peter gets a cute looking wife
  • Me feeling and looking amazing!

#goodvibes and high fives all around!

Everybody WINS!

XX, E.



Photographer: Jason Tang

Location: Delille Cellars Estate 


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