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Season transitions are tough when you’re stuck in between weather that’s cold but still dreaming about wearing last summer’s dress. You know what I’m talking about! Imagine this: You’re looking through your closet. Then get excited when you see a piece of clothing you haven’t seen in awhile. Like an old friend that got lost in the shuffle between Facebook and Myspace. LOL!

Then you get sad when you know it’s still not warm enough to wear it. Disappointed and annoyed, you wait and wait until the summer. By that time, you only get to wear it only for a few months. That kind of sucks! Well, I’ve found a quick easy solution to wear those summer dresses, NOW!

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This dress I bought last year and posted here, has a halter trapeze shape with a classic gingham pattern printed on chiffon with a cute little ruffle at the hem. I love this dress but was afraid to wear it recently because of the colder temps in Seattle. In addition, ginghams are usually refer to as a summer check pattern. It’s easy to break that rule, since colors are in black/white, which can transition into multiple seasons.

I’ve cinched the dress with a wide leather belt to create a waist shape. Without it I’ll be swimming in it or be mistaken for being pregnant. No Thanks!

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I layered a cashmere t-neck underneath the dress so I don’t freeze my arse off! And what’s warmer than soft luxe cashmere! If you don’t have a black turtleneck by now, shame on you. Go get one! This one is on sale.

On to the feet. I love these new strappy sandals and been dying to wear them. Again too cold! What a girl to do? I layered a pair of Adidas mesh socks. Plus I haven’t gotten a pedi in awhile so that was a good cover-up. Never in the world would I think I could pull this trend off, but hey why not push the boundaries a little bit! It only cost me $10 bucks!

The sock layering works for me in this outfit, because of the easy black and white color combination. It helped ease me into the trend without trying too hard. If you haven’t caught my drift, I was trying to look “cool”. Now that I gave it a go, I’m loving it.

The shoes have a square leather perforation on the back of the heel, unexpectedly matching the squares of the gingham. This was not intentional, but I’ve just noticed it and I love that it does!

E for Elisa-Downtown-Checkered Gucci-56E for Elisa-Downtown-Checkered Gucci-4E for Elisa-Downtown-Checkered Gucci-23


You know me! I need to edge it up and throw a little unexpected surprise some how, so I carried a new favorite, the Gucci Animal Studded Mini Bag. Isn’t she pretty? I’m crazy at how it balances the sporty + feminine look with a bit of maximalism + edge. Can’t get a prettier combo than this!

Kept the shades and make up super simple to let the clothes and accessories take center stage!

Enjoy this look! It’s one of my favorites to date!








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Ava (your fabulos niece) March 20, 2018 at 4:45 PM

I love the outfit!!! I didn’t know that socks would be able to look nice with sandals! (at least that’s what mom said)lol


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