Elisa and Peter 10 Year Anniversary


By the time you read this, Peter and I are jumping off a plane somewhere in Seattle celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary. I know. We’re such crazy kids!! Isn’t that what marriage is all about anyways? Not knowing the unknown. Taking the leap of faith!

It’s exciting to start a new life with someone. To build a union; a family together. Purchasing the first house. Setting roots for a new life. Practicing the social norm, which we grew up knowing. Our parents are the best examples. We want what they have. Almost 100 years of marriage combined!

For the rest of our lives, Peter and I wanted to spend it with each other. We were damn sure about it! And we still are.




We had a two day celebration for our wedding. First one was on Friday, August 8th, 2008, “08.08.08”. It’s a special date in Chinese culture, as number 8 means “fortune” and it also symbolizes infinity. I know it’s cliché, but hey it’s working.

Since it was a special date, our wedding venue Delille Cellars Estate (see photos), did not have the Chateau available. But we really wanted to be married on 08.08.08 so badly! Instead we were legally married in Seattle’s King County courthouse by a criminal judge, the honorable Judge Martell.

I would describe that day the most perfect day. It was a sunny morning filled with pillow-y clouds and blue skies. The court house was filled with everyone we loved and mattered. Peter wore a nice shirt and dress pants. I wore a pleated ivory dress. We were nervous and excited, while repeating our martial vows. I wept and he whimpered.

Then we went to my in-laws for a rehearsal BBQ dinner with 50+ of our closest friends and family, whilst watching the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony. It was an intimate evening of love and laughter.




Now it’s time to party!

Our ceremony and reception was held at the gorgeous Delille Cellars Estate in Woodinville. We wanted a garden party with a Pacific Northwest vibe. This venue captured everything I had ever wanted in a fairy tale wedding.

Well, not quite! The weather forecast said it was going to rain. And so it did on the hour of our outdoor wedding. I was obviously panicking. But the show must go on. To calm my nerves, my family ensured me it was good luck. I like to believe they were right.

Right after the rain, it was sunny again! Go figure. It was probably a sign a great power was trying to tell me,


This marriage thing is not going to be sunshine and rainbows all the time. There will be unexpected shit that happens. How you deal with it is entirely up to you.


We celebrated with 110 of our guests with gorgeous food, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, a fashion show (I changed four times), dancing, lots of wine (so much we had to replenish 2 more cases), emotional speeches and evening sparklers to send us off.

Another perfect day!


Elisa and Peter 10 Year Anniversary


I’m not going to lie. Being married is one of the hardest relationships I’ve encountered. When the going gets tough (and we haven’t gone through the worse), I can’t just break up like I would with a boyfriend. We had to stay and work on resolving issues. And when we do, we become stronger as one.

What does it take? Umm…. I’m going to save you the B.S. about how we’re best friends. BFFs are when I want to get my nails done, watch romcoms and stay up all night gossiping. I don’t want to do any of that with him.

We are life partners that are in love. That’s it.

Peter and I are nowhere perfect when it comes to making our marriage work. But we know if were not together, our lives would be meaningless. So we make the best of any situation. Or at least we try.

It’s no secret. We’re just like any couple.

This is what we live by:

  • Communication: We’re not mind readers (although, Peter is getting really good at it). Whenever there’s a problem, we talk about it. We don’t let things get too far, we can’t resolve. At times, there’s shouting and yelling. But we’re trying to be better, especially in front of Kinsley.
  • A Good Listener: I’m a little more talented on this aspect. However, it’s been a working progress.
  • Appreciate and Be Grateful: We try to remind each other. People forget to do this for themselves and each other. They focus on what they don’t have instead of being  thankful for what they do have. No matter how much they try to find what they’re looking for, there will never be happiness, until they’re grateful for what’s in front of you. I appreciate you Peter!
  • Have Fun: This is the easiest thing to do! But sometimes life gets the best of you and we forget. We learned to take vacations or go on dinner dates, just the two of us. Reconnecting is key!
  • Winning Is Not Everything: We both can be very hard headed, especially me. I can say things just to have the last word and it may not be the nicest things that comes out of my  mouth. This is due to the short temper we both have. We stop ourselves and ask, “is this worth it”? Must we have to be right all the time.
  • Have Tons of Sex: Still working on the “tons” part. But this one is a no brainer but worth mentioning. Not going to get to the details either. But will provide a blog post about Bedroom Secrets….coming soon, wink!


Fast forward 10 years later and we are still enjoying our amazing journey. Writing chapters of our life in a book we call “US”. In love and exploring new adventures together, everyday.

And of course our gorgeous daughter Kinsley. Who has been nothing but the best addition to our little family. We hope to continue to set a good example and raise her well. Our love grew stronger because of her. Mommy and daddy loves you, chicken nugget!

We promised each other “for better or for worse”. That original plan is still on our agenda. We don’t have a guide book for a happy marriage. We just do what works for us. Looking forward to spending more years with Peter.

You might wonder how we met. I’ll save this post from being a 10 pager, so you can read it here.

Thank you for reading and hope to share more about us again soon!


Xx, E.


P.S.: Watch my skydiving video below.


Lo Gong,


Two imperfect individuals

Together so perfectly

To build a life

We hope for our family

Holding hands along the way

’til eternity

Your loving wife,


Photographer: Jason Tang

Location: Delille Cellars Estate, a winery in Woodinville with a gorgeous outdoor garden suitable for summer weddings.

Dress: Rent The Runway Cinq à Sept Red Sade Gown

Jewelry: Robbins Brothers 14K Rose Gold Morganite Ring 14K Rose Gold Earrings 14K Rose Gold Necklace [similar]. All available in Seattle.

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Mary Jo Mayes August 9, 2018 at 10:15 PM

Happy anniversary to you both! You have a beautiful family! I loved the stills out in the garden with Kinsley. Also, your skydiving adventure with Peter was amazing!! You were so brave! Keep up the good work! Mary Jo

elisa August 10, 2018 at 2:05 PM

Thank you so much! We had so much adventures together. Can’t to build more memories!!


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