Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is near…have you gotten any gift ideas for your dear?

Ok, that’s corny. That’s how I actually feel about this Hallmark holiday. Peter and I used to put extra effort to planning a special date.  We find ourselves competing with other love birds trying to get reservations to an exclusive restaurant and paying top dollars for flowers. Something just doesn’t add up. Why can’t we just be nice to each other everyday of the year, rather an excuse to do it once a year?

Regardless if you celebrate V-Day or not, I’ve put together a list of my current favorites to help guide you in finding something unique for your wifey/partner/girlfriend/significant other. Whoever that person may be, gift or not, being thought of from time to time feels, OH so sweet!




XO, E.


Shinebe honey milk soap



SHINEBE are bar soaps made with all naturale ingredients. So natural you can eat it straight up! The soaps are safe to use on all walks of life, well not all. But definitely babies. It comes in four different kinds of scents made for various skin types. Find a suitable one for you and your loves. Your skin will thank you!

Hint: Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day contest on Instagram coming soon.



ROSEUR has been my go to online floral shop, especially when I want to send a beautiful bouquet to that meaningful someone in my life. I love their unique packaging and handwritten notes. It feels very personal when I receive/gift them. The flowers are fresh and blooms beautifully, even after a weeks time. It must be their magic potion “liquid rose food” that helps keep them long lasting.

Hint: Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day contest on Instagram coming soon.


Rebecca Minkoff Heart Crossbody



REBECCA MINKOFF designs the cutest heart leather shape crossbody bag that can put all your keepsakes or essentials in a safe place. It’s for the “fainted heart” with the love of adorable accessories. Gift this to your edgy girl, and she’ll be swoon!



Veque719 Ristretto



VEQUE, creates a 9-free vegan nail polish in bold fashion forward colors. Each color is handcrafted in small batches in their Seattle studio. They use dual patent technology to create a long lasting  wear. It’s the perfect formula for those with skin sensitivity and moms-to-be.


Stick with me sweets bon bon

STICK WITH ME SWEETS, I came across on a food blog video and new I had to go find it on my next visit to NYC and I finally did. It’s a little cute high end candy shop in Nolita, Manhattan with a tiny kitchen where you can see the chefs making these delectable treats. They are guaranteed fresh! All of these candies are flavor-able bite size work of art. You can customize them for a special occasion/wedding/gifts. Aren’t these pretty?

hermes-sellier-scarf-90--582420S 13-front-1-300-0-1158-1158




Hermès, the master of silk screen printed scarves are classic and iconic. It never runs out of style and is the most versatile piece you can have in your closet. The color and print choices are seasonal with endless options. Check out the twenty-one different ways to tie a Hermès scarf.



sonix red velvet laptop case


 SONIX red velvet laptop clutch is so pretty and luxurious at the same time. It’s for that tech-y gal who loves to look fashionable and stay relevant. And excuse me, who doesn’t like a perfect lipstick RED. It reads power and provocative at the same time. Get it gurl! Gee, I want one for myself!


DAVID YURMAN designed these gorgeous cable heart 18K gold enamel earrings. For the lovely lady that deserves this pair of beautiful gem to their jewelry collection. Cue the music…. “Isn’t she lovely?”…..

Birkenstock Vaduz Exquisite Limited Edition Sandal



 BIRKENSTOCK Vaduz Exquisite Limited Edition Slide Sandal are made perfectly for this holiday and that practical someone that loves comfort. For me, it’s perfect for my vacation to Mexico. Seems fitting for the warm beaches with the vibrant colors. I love how comfortable these are and can’t wait to where them.


BYREDO‘s fragrance builder Ben Gorham creates a line of perfume/room spray/powder perfume/hand cream/candle and many other unique products. I love the smell of Blanche, a particular floral scent with multiple layer of notes. They even have a scent “Bibliotèque”, or library, with an aromatic woodsy smell as if you’re in a room full of books. It’s a unique gift for that unique person!


Charbonnel Et Walker Chocolate Truffles


CHARBONNEL ET WALKER Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles looks just too pretty to eat, doesn’t it? Well, once you receive these beautifully looking treats, you won’t want to put it down. You’re sweetheart will be even sweeter…..



OHHIO makes hand knit home accessories with merino yarn in gorgeous colors. It’s warm and cozy, a perfect blanket to snuggle with your honey and just (Netflix and) chill at home.





Nordstrom At Home Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow




NORDSTROM AT HOME who doesn’t want to cuddle up with their bae with this fuzzy heart pillow. This style comes in two other colors and in the fluffiest fabric ever.





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Samara February 2, 2018 at 5:42 AM

I didn’t even know vegan nail polish was a thing! That’s awesome!!! I love when looking fabulous can be cruelty free! 😀

elisa February 4, 2018 at 1:02 AM

I use their product and love it. Stay tuned on my instagram for partnership coming up!

Kimi February 3, 2018 at 9:48 AM

Beautiful! I would like all the things please.

elisa February 4, 2018 at 1:00 AM

If you wish you shall have….

Ava (your fabulos niece!) February 5, 2018 at 3:46 PM

hi nice things! i cant wait to see the contest

elisa February 9, 2018 at 6:43 PM

Its on Instagram now!


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