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Welcome to E for Elisa!  Thank you for visiting.

I’m Elisa (E for short), I was born and raised in New York City and started my fashion design career there almost twenty years ago (can’t believe its been that long!). I currently live in Seattle with my husband, Peter and daughter, Kinsley and LOVE the PNW.

My passion and love for fashion has shown me many adventures.  Through my travels and experiences in the fashion industry, I’m ready to tell my “side” of the story.

As a creative individual with a thirst for inspiration, I’ve created this blog as a platform to write about all I know about fashion through my everyday life, travels, events and collaborations. It’s a place where I can communicate to my readers and offer styling tips to you. I hope to inspire you to try new things and have fun with your everyday life.

Thanks for reading!





For Collaborations Enquiries: elisa@eforelisa.com

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